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Too Many Math Programs or Not

I have 6 children and use 5 different math programs. Yikes! How does that happen?!?! I would love to be one of those homeschoolers that has a tried and true math program that they have used with all their children (I have some friends who have done this successfully so I know it can be done).

What are we using?

Joshua started the year off using Math Essentials Book 2 but switched right before the new year to Bob Jones. I actually wanted him to continue with Math Essentials but his dad wanted him to use Bob Jones, so now he teaches math. Josh is my child who has always struggled with math. I was using Math Essentials to get him caught up.

He really wanted to use Bob Jones and his father thought it was best for him. I’m thankful I don’t have to teach this subject anymore. At first I was a bit miffed but now it’s a burden I no longer have to carry. Not that teaching Joshua math was a burden but it was a lot on my plate with him struggling through it. Now that I’m writing this, I realize that it did lay heavy on me, so thank you my Sweets for taking over this subject.

Annette, is using and loving Math-U-See Zeta. She used Epsilon last year and really wanted to continue with MUS. I was going to switch her to Math Essentials as well so all the children would eventually use the same math but after talking with her and with her wanting to stick with MUS I decided not to switch.

She really is doing very well with it an as the saying goes, if it’s not broken don’t fix it!Winking smile
Caleb is also using Math-U-See. He has completed all levels and is now working (and almost done) with Epsilon. He should have been done by now but we slacked a bit or I slacked a bit with him. When he would get stuck on a lesson it would take me forever to help him because my lack of memory. I’d forget and before you knew it two days went by. Aaack, now I have Annette help him

Brent, is using Math Essentials. He enjoys having Rich Fisher ‘teach’ math. He completes one lesson a day.

Ethan uses Teaching Textbooks. He completed (or almost completed) the 3rd grade level last year and this year he is using the 4th grade level. He’s not too fond of it but it does get done.

Lance is using a variety of things. I’m trying something new with him. I’m not relying on a workbook. He uses Life of Fred, Verbal Math, and for seatwork (to keep him busy) I use The Complete Book of Timed Drills and The Complete Book of Math level 1-2.
It sounds like a lot but it’s not really. Three days a week we do Life of Fred and Verbal Math, so really one day is an overlap day. He uses the workbooks about 4 times a week.
I love our lessons together and so does he. He really enjoys listening to me read about Fred.

So, that’s why we use so many different math programs. It sounds like a lot but really it isn’t so bad. It works for us and everyone is happy with the math program they are using. Now it does get a bit expensive, so eventually I may have Brent, Ethan, and Lance switch to Math-U-See later but then again it may not happen. Time will tell Confused smile.
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  1. I have friends who use the same math program for all their kids, too. I don't know how they do it---my kids are each very different in their strengths and weaknesses. So, each kid has their own unique math set-up, and we use supplements, too. ;0)

    Thank you for contributing to the Virtual Curriculum Fair.

  2. I have a hard time keeping up with one kiddo, but since he finished 6th grade we change programs pretty much every year. Sometimes we've even changed programs in the middle of the year. I've learned that math is where "learning style" impacts my son the most and so it's worth it to make sure we have the right fit! Thanks for doing the Virtual Curriculum Fair!

  3. Using what works for kids is SUCH a blessing in homeschooling! Thanks for sharing what you use!

  4. Just stopping by to let you know that I had you on my heart!


  5. This week we changed our math a bit. I learned a little late to do what you said- use what works for each child. My husband is home right now and is the primary teacher. He had no problems making the change either. I understand about being overwhelmed and letting him do the math teaching.

  6. You will know math and all the different products really well by the time your littles graduate:) I'm sure you'll be able to offer lots of good insight to moms looking for a solid math program.

  7. i hadn't heard of some of those curriculums before. thanks for sharing.

    that was interesting. thanks! :)