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Homeschool Week 22/Day 4

My boys are pretty excited at the chance to use Computer Science for Kids. I had meant to use it with only Brent but once Caleb and Josh caught wind of this they wanted to be included. The more the merrier as they say.
I have downloaded everything and was about to print off the first few lessons when my printer stopped. It’s out of paper, aack! If I don’t get to the store tonight or tomorrow then the boys will just have to wait until Monday to start.

I started school a bit late because I was peeking at Computer Science for Kids. I really don’t like starting late because it throws me off but it’s something I’m learning to deal with and not let it get to me.
I sat with Lance first today. He is doing well with reading the same reader 5 days a week.
Monday I introduce some of the words using word cards. If the word is fruit, I go over the phonogram /ui/ or made, I go over the silent ‘e’ and how it makes the vowel say it’s name or for the word have, I let him know that the silent final e is there because of the letter ‘v’. I also separate out any words that he can read easily. This way we can concentrate on words he doesn’t know.

As he reads the story I circle any words he misses and I write how many he missed at the bottom left corner of that page.
Tuesday and Wednesday~he reads the story again. Again if he misses any words I circle them. If it’s the same word from the previous day then it gets another circle but if he gets it correct I put a small x above it. I cross out the number at the bottom from the day before and add today’s number.
Lance really likes seeing how he is doing via the circles around the words, the x’s, and the total of missed words.

Thursday~he reads the story again. By this time he is getting more x’s then circles. I have him go through several of the pages circling the short /e/ sounds. Last week he was hunting for the short /a/ sounds.
Friday~he will read the story for the last time and start over again on Monday with a new story.

I found these readers at This Reading Mama blog. One very talented mama!
Today for math I worked with Lance using the Flipcards from TouchMath. He completed Unit B~1. This unit concentrated with addition facts within 13. We went through all the activity pages so I thought today and tomorrow I would have him use the Flipcards to practice. Any addition facts that he missed I have him write them in his notebook.

Lance also did a little bit of Essentials in Writing as well. He practiced with spacing words in a sentence. He still does not write very well. Hopefully with using Handwriting Without Tears that will improve. I’m impressed with some of his cursive letters. Can’t wait for him to be able to write in cursive only.
With Ethan I didn’t get to Bigger Hearts. Sadly I only did one day. I might try to fit some of the reading in tonight. I absolutely love Bigger and really want to finish it. I usually only get an hour of teaching time with Ethan. Because of this I use that hour for phonics, reading, writing, grammar, some math, and Bible. The science, history, poetry and the rotating box end up being pushed to the side.

I guess we’ll see how much he gets done by the end of the summer. Next year he’ll be in 5th grade and I don’t want him in Bigger. Regardless of how much he completed I’ll move him to Preparing Hearts in the fall.
Ethan completed a Rod and Staff English lesson. Today he learned about quotation marks.
Rod and Staff
I’m so glad that I purchased the extra student worksheets.
Rod and Staff English
Having the worksheets just makes things so much easier for Ethan and I.
Ethan completed another lesson from Teaching Textbook 4 and scored a 91%. My little guy doesn’t like Teaching Textbook and has requested to not have a computer math program for next year. Yikes! We already own Teaching Textbooks 5 so we’ll see. I have been looking at Beast Academy. It’s something that has been on my wish list. Anyone use this? I’d love to know how you all liked it.

Caleb and Brent are doing a science experiment. Today is day 1 and they had to put a raw egg in some white vinegar. They need to check it in three days.
Annette and I started The Art of Poetry last week. I love seeing Annette express her thoughts. We have some great discussions. I just love spending time with her period! She is so precious.

I need to take some pictures of her beautiful notebook.

Here is Ethan and Lance playing with fire in a controlled environment Winking smile
Well I need to stop here and start supper.

Homeschooling Week 22/Day 3

I had a good nights rest, so today I was not so tired as I was yesterday. I even completed a day of Bigger Hearts with Ethan.

The only part of Bigger that I didn’t complete was the Rotating Box.  Here is a picture of my silly Ethan. He and Annette were playing together and she had him cocooned up in his blanket.
Ethan is doing well with his schooling. I would like him to do more writing. Right now he does copywork and oral narrations but that’s about it. I would like something more formal. I need to make time to either use Writing with Ease or something else we have on hand.

I spent an hour schooling him using Bigger Hearts but we didn’t get to grammar and Drawn into the Heart of Reading.
Ethan’s math work.
Teaching Textbook
Lance was a go-getter this morning. As soon as he was done with breakfast he grabbed some of his school books and started digging into his lessons. There really isn’t too much he can do on his own.
What he did do was practice his addition facts, read from his Bible Reader, read some words from Phonics Pathways, and did an unscramble the words worksheet. I let him know how proud I was that he took ownership of his school. Later I sat with him to complete a TouchMath lesson and a Handwriting Without Tears Cursive lesson.
Home Schooling
Speaking of TouchMath my Skip Counting Poster and CD set came today. I had a coupon code and decided to take advantage of it. I have had my eye on this.

I am having my three youngest children memorize their skip counting. They really, really, liked the songs from the skip counting cd. In fact Brent came up to me while I was listening to them and asked what kind of music is that. I told him it was a skip counting cd and he replied that he liked it.
Here is me excited. I don’t usually post pics of me because I don’t care much for my chipmunk cheeks.
After lunch I had Brent, Ethan, and Lance color the first poster/worksheet.
Touch Math
I decided to sit with them and color one as well. As we colored I had the skip counting by 3’s playing. Thank you Jesus for a fun time with my children practicing our skip counting.

Brent and Ethan know how to skip count by 3’s but I want them to be faster and maybe skip count by 3’s backwards as well. With Lance my goal is to have him master the 3’s.
Skip Counting
The older children finished first so it was just me and Lance. He really liked singing the songs as he colored.
Skip Counting
Below is Lance working hard.
I took this picture of Joshua to show him how tired he looked during our one-on-one time.
Grammar is coming to him, yay. Today’s Bob Jones lesson was on Passive and Active voice and making sure the verb agrees with the subject.

I am so thankful that we have the privilege of using Bob Jones Distance Learning via DVD. Joshua absolutely loves using Bob Jones. Using the DVDs has really helped me as the mom and teacher. And if Joshua doesn’t get something he can always listen to the lecture again.

Josh takes lots of notes from each lecture. This is something he does on his own and I think it’s great that he does this.

Bob Jones via DVDs is expensive but so worth it and again I thank the Lord for this wonderful, educational opportunity.

Another praise, Annette loves using Heart of Dakota Resurrection to Reformation. Here she is doing a science experiment.
Heart of Dakota
I’m not sure if I’m going to use Igniting Your Writing but I thought I need to start something with Caleb and Brent. Today I had them complete the first lesson and they really liked it. They made a few silly sentences.
2.27.13 005
And just because I thought these crayons looked pretty . . .
I finally put three boxes of crayons in a pencil container. I would like to buy more for our AWANA kids. The crayons we have at AWANA are so old, not that the children are complaining.

That was another day at Homeschooling6!

Homeschool Week 22/Day 2

Boy, has it been a cold day. The northern winds are blowing through all the cracks and crevices here. I’m home wearing a scarf.

Today was one of my tired days. I went to bed at 12:30a.m. but was so cold. I hear the clock strike 1:00, then 2:00. Finally I wrapped my robe around me and fell into a wonderful deep sleep. Yay! But it did leave me tired. I took a little catnap and that helped.

Here’s a funny. Yesterday Lance was reading his weekly reader, there was a page with Eve (before sin entered the world).  I guess he thought it was too revealing and said, “Ewe", he covered her up real quick with a piece of paper.
Word Sorts
Today he is sorting the words, read them, and then highlighted the ending sound.
Word Sorts
I also started Writing Essentials with him, so we’ll see how that goes.
Writing Essentials
His first assignment was learning how to space words in a sentence. I didn’t have him watch the dvd for this lesson. I watched it last night and it was awfully long for my wiggly little guy. Mr. Stephens was a bit long winded I thought. Hopefully next time Lance will get to watch his ‘new’ teacher.
Working on his TouchMath lesson.
Touch Math
Joshua is using two grammar programs as most of you know. Easy Grammar and Bob Jones Grammar.
I like that Easy Grammar gives him many times to practice the new concept he is learning. I plan to have him continue with it for the remaining of the year and hopefully next school year as well.

I was going to have him not use Bob Jones Grammar but he wants to do it, so we’re giving it a whirl. I actually like Bob Jones although it does move faster and there is a lot to remember.

Right now he is learning: Present, Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect tense, and today he will learn Progressive tense. That’s enough to make my head spin.

The first time one of the grammar rules is explained I don’t think he gets it right away. He needs the rule defined with examples more thank one time (I’m the same way). He is taking notes and I think that really helps. What I am going to do once he completed this chapter on verbs is go over it again. I have his workbook from last year we can use.

I don’t want to move on until he really understands the verbs and their tenses. Thankfully we have the Bob Jones DVD until the end of August.
Here is my hardworking boy finishing up his schoolwork at 9:00 p.m. He’s completing a Bob Jones Math lesson.
Bob Jones
Lupe is his math teacher now. I don’t have to correct or do anything. Joshua watches the DVD, completes his lesson, when dad comes home he corrects and goes over it with Josh.

Schoolhouse Review: College Common Sense

College Common Sense
I remember when the word ‘college’ seemed so far away. It was something in the distant future, not anymore. My oldest son Josh is now in 9th grade. My where-oh-where did the time go. It leaves me thinking that I better get on the ball with preparing my children for college, especially when it comes to paying for it.

What a blessing to find that the Schoolhouse Review Crew had the chance to review College Common Sense! Thankfully a lovely lady by the name of Denise Ames has put something together for us already busy  parents.  She has over 10 years experience with working in the Financial Aid office at a university in Texas, so she knows how the process works.

We were blessed with a one year subscription to Going to College and Paying for it Online Video and Workbook’. We received the online version but if you prefer to have this in DVD format to watch and listen to year after year (which some people do), the price is $50.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling. The online version is $25.00 for a 12 month log-in access. 

College Common Sense has 6 videos. Each about 20 minutes.
Video 1~The Big Picture
Video 2~ How Financial Aid Works
Video 3~ All About the Free Money
Video 4~ The System That Works
Video 5~ You in the Process
Video 6~ Pull It All Together

Each video has corresponding workbook pages in pdf format. I printed them all out before starting and had them spiral bound, so I wouldn’t lose any pages and it would be easier for Joshua as well.
2.19.13 TOS 002
Prior to starting I signed up to receive the Free Lesson Plans that Denise so generously offers. The lesson plans are delivered via email the first week each month.

College Common Sense is not only for high schoolers, surprisingly one can start earning ‘free’ money for your child as early as 6 years old. With children ages 6-12 or 13 it is expected that mom and dad watch the videos or DVDs. Children ages 14-18 are expected to watch the videos.

Younger students can participate by making an All About Me Spiral Notebook. This is their special notebook to write anything about themselves. It’s not for anyone else to look at or grade, it’s their special notebook. I had the children work on their notebooks once a week.

Whether you have a 6 year old child beginning school or a 17/18 year old high school senior you and your child can get started with Going to College and Paying for it.

How did we use College Common Sense?

The program is meant for the parent to watch the DVD and then have the student do the same and work through the workbook. Well I must admit that I have been the one watching most of the videos. Joshua my oldest was a bit overwhelmed with all the information.

CollegecommonsenseworkbookI would watch the video and I’d read through the workbook pages with Josh and sometimes the younger children. One of the assignments was to take a tour of the campus. We didn’t take the tour but I did go over the information with Joshua. Denise does a great job with getting everything organized and breaks things down into steps. To prepare for the campus visit she has a detailed list of what to do “Before the visit”~”During the visit”~”After the visit”.

There is also a list of questions to ask before you apply to a college or university. I went over this with all the children. Another assignment was going over “12 Ways Not to Choose a College”. Again, this was something that I could include all the children.

My final thoughts: Denise does a wonderful job with guiding parents and students through the maze of scholarships, financial aid, and what to and what not to do, to get you noticed. She is also honest with letting you know that it takes time, dedication, and most of all as she says, “It’s up to you”, you need to learn as much as you can to get free money for college.  

If you plan to have your child attend college and are wondering how to pay for it, then I recommend you give “Going to College and Paying for it” a try. $25.00 for 12 months access to watch the videos  is not bad for all the information Denise provides.

There is a lot of information to absorb so I suggest watching and listening to the videos more than once.

I would love it if Cds were available for purchase as well. This would be a great way to have the children and hubby listen to Denise, especially on those long car rides. I can guarantee that if we had the videos in CD format all my children would have listened to “Going to College and Paying for it” already and probably multiple times.
To read more reviews please click on the button below.
**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Lance’s Space

In our house we have two sets of bunk-beds and one twin bed. If you do the math that’s 5 beds. We have 6 children. That means two kiddos share a bed.
When we first moved here Joshua willing slept on the floor. He wanted to do this, so we let him try it out. Think cowboys.

After a while he wanted a bed, so Brent was so kind to share his bed with Lance. They have been sharing a bed for a year now.

Lately though both Brent and Lance have been expressing how they would like their own bed and I don’t blame them one little bit. They need something to call their own in this little house of ours.

Little by little Lance has been moving into the living room and sleeping on the couch.

Here is where he keeps is blankets and stuffed animals during the day.
Lance's Bedroom
This was Caleb’s idea to put something over the box to make it look pretty.
This is Lance at night.
Sleepy Lance
Monkey Boy
May not have been born in Texas but he certainly has been raised here!
Happy dreams my sweet little boy!

Date Night

Tonight was so relaxing. I love chatting with my hubby over a nice steak and knowing I don’t have to wash the dishes after.

Today our first stop was Once Upon a Child. We took some clothes and toys to sell, so we could get some pants for Ethan. That kid of mine really, really, really, needs some new clothes. Lupe and I also found some Lincoln Logs for the kids for $15.00. It was missing some pieces but what we did get was pretty good considering how expensive they are.

We made $26.00 so that was a good thing.

Then we went to Costco. We barely made it (20 minutes before they closed). I am almost out of Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.
Most of the food was God Made but there are a few items like the Honey Maid Graham Crackers and the corn tortillas that were man made. I didn’t really want to buy flour and sugar. 
To make it easier with placing these items in the cart I purchased unbleached organic flour (20lbs for $11.00) and unbleached organic sugar (no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and not bleached~cost $10.00). Overall I was happy to see lots of good food go into the cart for my family.
When we finished shopping I was really hungry, so off to eat we went. Lupe had a placed picked out for me. A restaurant that he had tried with a few of his co-workers and thought to himself, “Linda would really like this place” ahhh, how sweet of my hubby to think of me.

It was my first time at Black-eyed Peas. I sure did enjoy my steak and shrimp.
Lupe and I love our steaks medium rare. It wasn’t always that way. We grew up with parents who cooked steak all the way through. Thankfully my brother-in-law Don has shown us the light.
Steak and Shrimp
This is one of the many reasons why I LOVE the Atkins Diet. I can lose weight and eat my steak too. Yum!!! I saved most of my carbs for our date and enjoyed sautéed onions, mushrooms, and steamed broccoli.

As much as I wanted to bite into one of the rolls I held back. They were fresh out of the oven. Oh, that aroma! I stayed strong and didn’t eat not one little piece. I did save the butter for my broccoli.
Black eyed peas
Our next stop was FedEx Office. It was going to close in ten minutes so instead of having five books spiral bound I picked the most important one, Annette’s notebook.
Heart of Dakota
Her notebook was falling apart. I had wanted to bind the notebook as soon as we got it back in September but it just didn’t happen.

We also stopped at Dillard’s to find Annette some clothes. We returned a CHRISTmas dress but returned it too late. Instead of a refund they gave us a gift card. Dillard’s had some great sales. Not only did we get Annette and outfit but me a pair of Clark’s shoes on sale for $24.49 regularly $69.99. They are so comfy.

The picture doesn’t do the shoes justice, they actually look much nicer in real life =).
On the way home my wonderful husband bought me a regular black coffee from McDonalds. Once we were home (after putting the food away) I added some heavy cream and enjoyed it as I typed this post!

Thank you Jesus for another wonderful date night with my Sweets. May the time we spend together, laughing, chatting, and, gazing into each others eyes bring us closer to you Lord and each other. My hubby is the cream in my coffee, the butter on my broccoli, the . . . well you get the picture Winking smile.

Homeschool Week 21/Day 5

Another wonderful homeschool week completed. It was a bit challenging as well. Some of my students can make a mountain out of a mole hill if you know what I mean.
Touch Math
Lance completed several of his TouchMath worksheets, then we practiced his addition facts with the TouchMath Flipcards. When he was done with all his lessons for the day he was excited to hop on the computer to play TouchMath Tutor.

Today he was really cheery with his lessons including phonics. I think that talk from his father helped. Thank you Jesus for a supportive husband (love my hubby so much!)

Ethan completed one page of God’s Great Covenant. We skipped a few days so next week we will continue in the same chapter. I don’t want to rush just to get to the next lesson.

Ethan also completed another Pathway Phonics page.
Pathway Phonics
He also read from Reading Pathways.
Reading Pathways
I also had him read a chapter from his current reading book. Hopefully with all this reading he’ll become more fluent. Today he did really well when reading from his book. There were a few big words he had trouble with but I was pleased.

Ethan also completed two Rod and Staff English lessons, 4 pages of Cheerful Cursive. I need to do better with writing a “Week in Review” post again, so I can document all we do.

Annette made some noodles this week. This was a history project from her Heart of Dakota~Resurrection to Reformation program.
Heart of Dakota
She made them yesterday and had to let them dry over night. I’m so thankful to have found a program that she really, really, likes. Heart of Dakota has been a real blessing.

I have stalled though with Ethan’s program, Bigger Hearts. I will have to get things ready to go full force with him on Monday.

Caleb and Brent have been challenged with using Heart of Dakota’s Creation to Christ. Overall they are doing great. Brent is learning to handle the load.
Joshua is moving along. This week he picked up Keyboarding for Christian Schools. He had lost his book and I wasn’t going to print off another one.  Thankfully it has been found.

Josh is also finally getting grammar and I know a big part of it is using Easy Grammar. I’m so thankful to the Lord because I found this at Half Price Books a few months back for a little over $6.00. It’s the 5/6 level which use to be called the first level. Next year I’ll have him use Easy Grammar Plus.

I think what helps him is the program introduces him to a new concept and has him practice it for a while along with doing what he has already learned.
This school year has not been one of the best but all the curricula that we are using is really working out.

I have made a few changes one being writing. Lance and Annette are now using Essentials in Writing.  Ethan will start it in a month or so.
That’s it for now!

Artistic Pursuits

Annette is using Artistic Pursuits and finds it challenging and enjoyable. She is really paying attention to details when she draws.

Here is how I found her today. She was watching a bird outside and drawing it, yes she was suppose to be completing her Analytical Grammar lesson.
Artistic Pursuits
Artistic Pursuits
Artistic Pursuits
She is using Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition.
Middle School