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Atkins Day 30

Thirty days into my new way of living a low carb. life. My fridge is still over flowing with goodness. Every time we open it a fruit of vegetable comes rolling or falling out. Just to find something, oh my. Maybe we should organize it by color or texture as Joshua would like.

I thought I would show a picture of what my food journal looks like. I am currently on Phase 2. Instead of 20 carbohydrates I can now have 25. I am super excited because I can also have a 1/4 cup of blueberries. I add a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream. It’s recommended to have some fat with it. Something to do with balancing out the sugar. It’s my favorite snack. Thankfully (thank you Jesus) it hasn’t caused me to stall with losing weight.
2.12.13 006
I took my notebook to FedEx Office and had it 3-hole punched to add to my Atkins Binder. In the binder I have what I can eat, recipes that I want to try, and Atkins information that I printed.

I usually plan my meals the day before, most of the time. On the left side I put my veggie carbs. I need to consume 12-15 carbs from vegetables daily. I also list the vitamins and check them off as I take them otherwise I’ll forget Confused smile.

On the right side I have 3 squares that have 24 written inside. That’s for my water. I have a huge Chick-fil-a cup that I fill and track my water intake. My goal is 72 oz a day. Some days I have 4 of them.
2.11.13 005
As you can see today I am having an Atkins’ Frozen Meal courtesy of my dad. Tonight the family will be eating a non friendly Atkins meal, so it gave me a chance to try one of the meals. Yay, I’m excited. Not a whole lot of cooking for me today.

Speaking of cooking not only have I and the family been eating so much healthier, I am making good use of the aprons Annette has made for me in her sewing class. Yes, I have been preparing homemade meals for my lovely family almost daily since I’ve been on Atkins. And . . . I also have gotten in the habit of washing all the pots and pans, and wiping down the counters before I go to bed. Okay, that was a little bit embarrassing to admit that I haven’t been tidying up my kitchen at the end of the day.

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  1. Way to go! I just restarted Phase 1 last Tuesday because I was stalled. I have lost 5.6 since then. I like your log. I use My Fitness Pal to track my weight, but I got tired of logging food. I may try your system!

  2. Way to go Mary!!! I like using pen and paper with logging. For me it's just easier and I don't have to spend that time on the computer. It'a also nice to be able look back and see how things are going and again, not have to log onto the computer to do it.


  3. Great ideas Linda, thank you for sharing how it is going for you. I printed off the Atkins phases this week, but haven't implemented them just yet. Still resisting dieting and trying to loose weight with activities. Not progressing as much as I would like and I am sure a diet would help. I love seeing how the Atkins diet is working for you. Thanks for your openness and encouragement. Blessings to you!

  4. Hi, Melinda, instead of thinking of it as a diet, I see it more as a way of living. After losing the weight I'd like to continue eating low carb. I think it will be interesting to see how many carbs I can eat to maintain my weight loss. Hopefully it's more than 25 ;)

    I think you are doing wonderful and your blog is very encouraging.



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