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Four my my children are sleeping. I love when it’s quiet but I love when there is chaos too!

Yesterday was Patriot Night at AWANA. A friend at church called to see if our boys wanted to do a group theme with her two youngest boys. George Washing crossing the Delaware was what they had in mind.

Of course my boys were excited. They also included Annette but she decided to dress up as Molly Pitcher.

At the last minute Josh dressed Lance up as President Abraham Lincoln. Josh got pretty creative with that hat I thought.
2.13.13 013
We didn’t have a black beard, so brown it was.
2.13.13 014
Ethan was George Washington. This really surprised me because Ethan DOES NOT like any kind of extra attention, good or bad. He speaks so softly too. Like I said, I was REALLY surprised and very excited for him. I never make a big deal about him being timid.
2.13.13 017
I had planned to take my camera but forgot. At the last minute Annette finally decided who she wanted to be, Molly Pitcher. She had spent hours looking up women on the internet. It was 6:00 when she decided.

Josh at the last minute was making a cannon for her. She looked really cute. We were is so much of a hurry that I didn’t get a picture of her. Thankfully my SIL had her camera. I don’t know when I’ll get the pictures though.
Lance took 3rd place (I think) and the boys took 2nd. In my eyes Annette took 1st. She looked so adorable.

I was so proud of the children for pulling everything together. Other than the George Washington wig they did it all. Find props and clothes.

The two friends that invited my children to join in for a group theme, they have an awesome big brother. He took the time to meet all the children involved (his 2 little brothers, my four boys, and my nephew) at the church to make the boat and practice their poses, so a big THANK YOU to him as well.

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  1. That is SO awesome! Can't wait to see the other pictures. Sounds like the kids had lots of fun...and they created fun memories as well. :)


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