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Date Night

My hubby and I had a late date tonight. We left around seven something and didn’t eat until almost 8:00 p.m.

We were off to a late start because my Sweets had to work at the apartments today. He was there from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Dear hubby wanted to go to What-a-burger again. He was really impressed with the care they took on preparing my no bun meal last week.
2.2.2013 004
This time I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger. I love not having to worry about always eating low-calorie, not that I over do it but it’s great that I can have a burger. My hubby had a jalapeno burger with onion rings. He worked very hard today, so I thought he deserved the onion rings Winking smile. We both drank water.

We had a good chat about what I have been learning health wise since I started Atkins and we talked about giving the children 30 minutes of computer time again. It has been so nice these past four weeks with no computer games.

The children have done great and I’m very proud of them. Its been four weeks and I know they miss their games but they haven’t complained once.
This week we took a detour from our favorite place, Target and went to Walmart instead. Walmart is the only place where one can purchase the Atkins new frozen meals. I wanted to try a few and have some on hand for those crazy homeschool days. I almost missed seeing them because there was not much left.

From the Atkins forum I’ve heard that the pot pie is really good, so I was sad to see that they were all gone. I purchased a few breakfast meals and one regular meal, Italian Sausage Primevara. I’ll have to report back later and let you all know how they tasted.
2.2.2013 007
I also bought some Leeks, I have never tried leeks before but I’ve seen some low carb recipes. I love this new way of living I’m trying so many different types of vegetables.

We also stopped at Dillard’s to return a CHRISTmas dress that was too short for Annette. We took longer than the 30 days, so no refund. We had to get store credit. Guess I’ll be buying a new skirt in the future Smile.
And that was another wonderful evening with my Sweets.

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