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Date Night

Tonight was so relaxing. I love chatting with my hubby over a nice steak and knowing I don’t have to wash the dishes after.

Today our first stop was Once Upon a Child. We took some clothes and toys to sell, so we could get some pants for Ethan. That kid of mine really, really, really, needs some new clothes. Lupe and I also found some Lincoln Logs for the kids for $15.00. It was missing some pieces but what we did get was pretty good considering how expensive they are.

We made $26.00 so that was a good thing.

Then we went to Costco. We barely made it (20 minutes before they closed). I am almost out of Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.
Most of the food was God Made but there are a few items like the Honey Maid Graham Crackers and the corn tortillas that were man made. I didn’t really want to buy flour and sugar. 
To make it easier with placing these items in the cart I purchased unbleached organic flour (20lbs for $11.00) and unbleached organic sugar (no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and not bleached~cost $10.00). Overall I was happy to see lots of good food go into the cart for my family.
When we finished shopping I was really hungry, so off to eat we went. Lupe had a placed picked out for me. A restaurant that he had tried with a few of his co-workers and thought to himself, “Linda would really like this place” ahhh, how sweet of my hubby to think of me.

It was my first time at Black-eyed Peas. I sure did enjoy my steak and shrimp.
Lupe and I love our steaks medium rare. It wasn’t always that way. We grew up with parents who cooked steak all the way through. Thankfully my brother-in-law Don has shown us the light.
Steak and Shrimp
This is one of the many reasons why I LOVE the Atkins Diet. I can lose weight and eat my steak too. Yum!!! I saved most of my carbs for our date and enjoyed sautéed onions, mushrooms, and steamed broccoli.

As much as I wanted to bite into one of the rolls I held back. They were fresh out of the oven. Oh, that aroma! I stayed strong and didn’t eat not one little piece. I did save the butter for my broccoli.
Black eyed peas
Our next stop was FedEx Office. It was going to close in ten minutes so instead of having five books spiral bound I picked the most important one, Annette’s notebook.
Heart of Dakota
Her notebook was falling apart. I had wanted to bind the notebook as soon as we got it back in September but it just didn’t happen.

We also stopped at Dillard’s to find Annette some clothes. We returned a CHRISTmas dress but returned it too late. Instead of a refund they gave us a gift card. Dillard’s had some great sales. Not only did we get Annette and outfit but me a pair of Clark’s shoes on sale for $24.49 regularly $69.99. They are so comfy.

The picture doesn’t do the shoes justice, they actually look much nicer in real life =).
On the way home my wonderful husband bought me a regular black coffee from McDonalds. Once we were home (after putting the food away) I added some heavy cream and enjoyed it as I typed this post!

Thank you Jesus for another wonderful date night with my Sweets. May the time we spend together, laughing, chatting, and, gazing into each others eyes bring us closer to you Lord and each other. My hubby is the cream in my coffee, the butter on my broccoli, the . . . well you get the picture Winking smile.

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