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End of Week 19

Our busy school week has come to an end. It was busy but good.
Annette has been learning a lot about our earth this year using A Child’s Geography and Exploring Creation with Astronomy.

Her penmanship could have been better. When she writes in cursive it’s so pretty.
2.8.13 004
Ethan practiced his cursive today.
2.8.13 005
Both Brent and Ethan did READ today. Ethan is reading Absolutely Lucy.
2.8.13 006
Ethan's math.
2.8.13 007
Caleb and Brent working on their notebook from Heart of Dakota. This weeks History Project was reinforcing 1 Kings 11:26-43.
2.8.13 009
This week the boys completed Unit 12. The Focus for this unit: From Solomon to a Divided Kingdom.
2.8.13 011
These two pages are from Caleb's notebook. As you can see my boys like to add lines or use notebook paper, then use double sided tape.
2.8.13 012
Caleb and Brent have a hard time writing their 5-8 sentences in the boxes, so I let them write on lined notebook paper or put lines in.

I’m reviewing College Common Sense. One of our assignments this week was to copy a quote by Jack Canfield and watch First Principle on YouTube. When they were done watching the video I had them write something that they learned from it. Ethan’s response, take fool responsibility. He wrote the wrong  ‘full’ but hey, he spelled it correctly Winking smile.
2.6.13 001
And can’t forget the new plunger I bought today. My goodness, the boys were so excited about this thing. I told them I might get them each one next CHRISTmas. Seriously, they actually said we need more so they can play with them.
2.8.13 016
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Great day! I love the HOD notebook project - it looks neat!

    Isn't it funny how easily entertained our children can be at times?

  2. The boys are still playing with the plunger. Too funny. Hopefully we won't need to use it anytime soon since it keeps them occupied. Lol.


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