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Food Log

Sharing my food log today. I drank a bit too much heavy whipping cream. Hopefully it won’t show on the scale tomorrow.
2.13.13 008
I found Propel Zero and Lipton Tea and Honey drink packets. Other then my daily coffee and Atkins Shakes water is all I drink, over 70 oz a day. I was originally looking for something with electrolytes but couldn’t find anything. The Propel Zero has vitamins C+E, B Vitamins and antioxidants.
2.13.13 018
Since I couldn’t find any water with electrolytes I thought I’d try these. They were the only ones that didn’t use dye. I found plenty of other brands made with sucralose and had some added vitamins but they had to add dyes.

The Tea and Honey, I’m not sure if I can have. Both have one carb. Instead of using a packet in a 16.9fl. oz. of water, I will add it to my 24oz Chick-fil-A cup.

Edited to add that the Lipton Tea & Honey actually has 2 carbs per packet. It’s weird because the packet has 1 carb per serving, but the packet is considered two serving. I’m drinking it as I edit this post and it’s tasty. I use 1 packet in 24oz cup of water though. I can’t imagine using a packet in 16oz. That would be waaaaaay to sweet for me.

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  1. Hi Linda, thank you for sharing this information. Even though I'm not on the Atkins, reading about it is actually making me want to try it! And I definitely need to lose some weight before the big day. Glad you are doing well with it and it up the posts - they're encouraging!


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