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Homeschool Week 21/Day 5

Another wonderful homeschool week completed. It was a bit challenging as well. Some of my students can make a mountain out of a mole hill if you know what I mean.
Touch Math
Lance completed several of his TouchMath worksheets, then we practiced his addition facts with the TouchMath Flipcards. When he was done with all his lessons for the day he was excited to hop on the computer to play TouchMath Tutor.

Today he was really cheery with his lessons including phonics. I think that talk from his father helped. Thank you Jesus for a supportive husband (love my hubby so much!)

Ethan completed one page of God’s Great Covenant. We skipped a few days so next week we will continue in the same chapter. I don’t want to rush just to get to the next lesson.

Ethan also completed another Pathway Phonics page.
Pathway Phonics
He also read from Reading Pathways.
Reading Pathways
I also had him read a chapter from his current reading book. Hopefully with all this reading he’ll become more fluent. Today he did really well when reading from his book. There were a few big words he had trouble with but I was pleased.

Ethan also completed two Rod and Staff English lessons, 4 pages of Cheerful Cursive. I need to do better with writing a “Week in Review” post again, so I can document all we do.

Annette made some noodles this week. This was a history project from her Heart of Dakota~Resurrection to Reformation program.
Heart of Dakota
She made them yesterday and had to let them dry over night. I’m so thankful to have found a program that she really, really, likes. Heart of Dakota has been a real blessing.

I have stalled though with Ethan’s program, Bigger Hearts. I will have to get things ready to go full force with him on Monday.

Caleb and Brent have been challenged with using Heart of Dakota’s Creation to Christ. Overall they are doing great. Brent is learning to handle the load.
Joshua is moving along. This week he picked up Keyboarding for Christian Schools. He had lost his book and I wasn’t going to print off another one.  Thankfully it has been found.

Josh is also finally getting grammar and I know a big part of it is using Easy Grammar. I’m so thankful to the Lord because I found this at Half Price Books a few months back for a little over $6.00. It’s the 5/6 level which use to be called the first level. Next year I’ll have him use Easy Grammar Plus.

I think what helps him is the program introduces him to a new concept and has him practice it for a while along with doing what he has already learned.
This school year has not been one of the best but all the curricula that we are using is really working out.

I have made a few changes one being writing. Lance and Annette are now using Essentials in Writing.  Ethan will start it in a month or so.
That’s it for now!


  1. I really enjoy your blog and your homeschooling posts! Thank you for helping me