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Homeschool Week 22/Day 2

Boy, has it been a cold day. The northern winds are blowing through all the cracks and crevices here. I’m home wearing a scarf.

Today was one of my tired days. I went to bed at 12:30a.m. but was so cold. I hear the clock strike 1:00, then 2:00. Finally I wrapped my robe around me and fell into a wonderful deep sleep. Yay! But it did leave me tired. I took a little catnap and that helped.

Here’s a funny. Yesterday Lance was reading his weekly reader, there was a page with Eve (before sin entered the world).  I guess he thought it was too revealing and said, “Ewe", he covered her up real quick with a piece of paper.
Word Sorts
Today he is sorting the words, read them, and then highlighted the ending sound.
Word Sorts
I also started Writing Essentials with him, so we’ll see how that goes.
Writing Essentials
His first assignment was learning how to space words in a sentence. I didn’t have him watch the dvd for this lesson. I watched it last night and it was awfully long for my wiggly little guy. Mr. Stephens was a bit long winded I thought. Hopefully next time Lance will get to watch his ‘new’ teacher.
Working on his TouchMath lesson.
Touch Math
Joshua is using two grammar programs as most of you know. Easy Grammar and Bob Jones Grammar.
I like that Easy Grammar gives him many times to practice the new concept he is learning. I plan to have him continue with it for the remaining of the year and hopefully next school year as well.

I was going to have him not use Bob Jones Grammar but he wants to do it, so we’re giving it a whirl. I actually like Bob Jones although it does move faster and there is a lot to remember.

Right now he is learning: Present, Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect tense, and today he will learn Progressive tense. That’s enough to make my head spin.

The first time one of the grammar rules is explained I don’t think he gets it right away. He needs the rule defined with examples more thank one time (I’m the same way). He is taking notes and I think that really helps. What I am going to do once he completed this chapter on verbs is go over it again. I have his workbook from last year we can use.

I don’t want to move on until he really understands the verbs and their tenses. Thankfully we have the Bob Jones DVD until the end of August.
Here is my hardworking boy finishing up his schoolwork at 9:00 p.m. He’s completing a Bob Jones Math lesson.
Bob Jones
Lupe is his math teacher now. I don’t have to correct or do anything. Joshua watches the DVD, completes his lesson, when dad comes home he corrects and goes over it with Josh.

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