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Homeschool Week 22/Day 4

My boys are pretty excited at the chance to use Computer Science for Kids. I had meant to use it with only Brent but once Caleb and Josh caught wind of this they wanted to be included. The more the merrier as they say.
I have downloaded everything and was about to print off the first few lessons when my printer stopped. It’s out of paper, aack! If I don’t get to the store tonight or tomorrow then the boys will just have to wait until Monday to start.

I started school a bit late because I was peeking at Computer Science for Kids. I really don’t like starting late because it throws me off but it’s something I’m learning to deal with and not let it get to me.
I sat with Lance first today. He is doing well with reading the same reader 5 days a week.
Monday I introduce some of the words using word cards. If the word is fruit, I go over the phonogram /ui/ or made, I go over the silent ‘e’ and how it makes the vowel say it’s name or for the word have, I let him know that the silent final e is there because of the letter ‘v’. I also separate out any words that he can read easily. This way we can concentrate on words he doesn’t know.

As he reads the story I circle any words he misses and I write how many he missed at the bottom left corner of that page.
Tuesday and Wednesday~he reads the story again. Again if he misses any words I circle them. If it’s the same word from the previous day then it gets another circle but if he gets it correct I put a small x above it. I cross out the number at the bottom from the day before and add today’s number.
Lance really likes seeing how he is doing via the circles around the words, the x’s, and the total of missed words.

Thursday~he reads the story again. By this time he is getting more x’s then circles. I have him go through several of the pages circling the short /e/ sounds. Last week he was hunting for the short /a/ sounds.
Friday~he will read the story for the last time and start over again on Monday with a new story.

I found these readers at This Reading Mama blog. One very talented mama!
Today for math I worked with Lance using the Flipcards from TouchMath. He completed Unit B~1. This unit concentrated with addition facts within 13. We went through all the activity pages so I thought today and tomorrow I would have him use the Flipcards to practice. Any addition facts that he missed I have him write them in his notebook.

Lance also did a little bit of Essentials in Writing as well. He practiced with spacing words in a sentence. He still does not write very well. Hopefully with using Handwriting Without Tears that will improve. I’m impressed with some of his cursive letters. Can’t wait for him to be able to write in cursive only.
With Ethan I didn’t get to Bigger Hearts. Sadly I only did one day. I might try to fit some of the reading in tonight. I absolutely love Bigger and really want to finish it. I usually only get an hour of teaching time with Ethan. Because of this I use that hour for phonics, reading, writing, grammar, some math, and Bible. The science, history, poetry and the rotating box end up being pushed to the side.

I guess we’ll see how much he gets done by the end of the summer. Next year he’ll be in 5th grade and I don’t want him in Bigger. Regardless of how much he completed I’ll move him to Preparing Hearts in the fall.
Ethan completed a Rod and Staff English lesson. Today he learned about quotation marks.
Rod and Staff
I’m so glad that I purchased the extra student worksheets.
Rod and Staff English
Having the worksheets just makes things so much easier for Ethan and I.
Ethan completed another lesson from Teaching Textbook 4 and scored a 91%. My little guy doesn’t like Teaching Textbook and has requested to not have a computer math program for next year. Yikes! We already own Teaching Textbooks 5 so we’ll see. I have been looking at Beast Academy. It’s something that has been on my wish list. Anyone use this? I’d love to know how you all liked it.

Caleb and Brent are doing a science experiment. Today is day 1 and they had to put a raw egg in some white vinegar. They need to check it in three days.
Annette and I started The Art of Poetry last week. I love seeing Annette express her thoughts. We have some great discussions. I just love spending time with her period! She is so precious.

I need to take some pictures of her beautiful notebook.

Here is Ethan and Lance playing with fire in a controlled environment Winking smile
Well I need to stop here and start supper.

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  1. Ahhh...the egg in vinegar brings back memories!


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