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Homeschooling Week 22/Day 3

I had a good nights rest, so today I was not so tired as I was yesterday. I even completed a day of Bigger Hearts with Ethan.

The only part of Bigger that I didn’t complete was the Rotating Box.  Here is a picture of my silly Ethan. He and Annette were playing together and she had him cocooned up in his blanket.
Ethan is doing well with his schooling. I would like him to do more writing. Right now he does copywork and oral narrations but that’s about it. I would like something more formal. I need to make time to either use Writing with Ease or something else we have on hand.

I spent an hour schooling him using Bigger Hearts but we didn’t get to grammar and Drawn into the Heart of Reading.
Ethan’s math work.
Teaching Textbook
Lance was a go-getter this morning. As soon as he was done with breakfast he grabbed some of his school books and started digging into his lessons. There really isn’t too much he can do on his own.
What he did do was practice his addition facts, read from his Bible Reader, read some words from Phonics Pathways, and did an unscramble the words worksheet. I let him know how proud I was that he took ownership of his school. Later I sat with him to complete a TouchMath lesson and a Handwriting Without Tears Cursive lesson.
Home Schooling
Speaking of TouchMath my Skip Counting Poster and CD set came today. I had a coupon code and decided to take advantage of it. I have had my eye on this.

I am having my three youngest children memorize their skip counting. They really, really, liked the songs from the skip counting cd. In fact Brent came up to me while I was listening to them and asked what kind of music is that. I told him it was a skip counting cd and he replied that he liked it.
Here is me excited. I don’t usually post pics of me because I don’t care much for my chipmunk cheeks.
After lunch I had Brent, Ethan, and Lance color the first poster/worksheet.
Touch Math
I decided to sit with them and color one as well. As we colored I had the skip counting by 3’s playing. Thank you Jesus for a fun time with my children practicing our skip counting.

Brent and Ethan know how to skip count by 3’s but I want them to be faster and maybe skip count by 3’s backwards as well. With Lance my goal is to have him master the 3’s.
Skip Counting
The older children finished first so it was just me and Lance. He really liked singing the songs as he colored.
Skip Counting
Below is Lance working hard.
I took this picture of Joshua to show him how tired he looked during our one-on-one time.
Grammar is coming to him, yay. Today’s Bob Jones lesson was on Passive and Active voice and making sure the verb agrees with the subject.

I am so thankful that we have the privilege of using Bob Jones Distance Learning via DVD. Joshua absolutely loves using Bob Jones. Using the DVDs has really helped me as the mom and teacher. And if Joshua doesn’t get something he can always listen to the lecture again.

Josh takes lots of notes from each lecture. This is something he does on his own and I think it’s great that he does this.

Bob Jones via DVDs is expensive but so worth it and again I thank the Lord for this wonderful, educational opportunity.

Another praise, Annette loves using Heart of Dakota Resurrection to Reformation. Here she is doing a science experiment.
Heart of Dakota
I’m not sure if I’m going to use Igniting Your Writing but I thought I need to start something with Caleb and Brent. Today I had them complete the first lesson and they really liked it. They made a few silly sentences.
2.27.13 005
And just because I thought these crayons looked pretty . . .
I finally put three boxes of crayons in a pencil container. I would like to buy more for our AWANA kids. The crayons we have at AWANA are so old, not that the children are complaining.

That was another day at Homeschooling6!


  1. Your week seems like a lot of fun! Would love to see a review on the bju distance learning dvds
    thanks! Nathalie

  2. Love boxes of new crayons! Another great day :)

  3. Nathalie, I do need to write more about BJ dvds.

    The Mrs. I love a box of new crayons too ;)


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