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Lance’s Space

In our house we have two sets of bunk-beds and one twin bed. If you do the math that’s 5 beds. We have 6 children. That means two kiddos share a bed.
When we first moved here Joshua willing slept on the floor. He wanted to do this, so we let him try it out. Think cowboys.

After a while he wanted a bed, so Brent was so kind to share his bed with Lance. They have been sharing a bed for a year now.

Lately though both Brent and Lance have been expressing how they would like their own bed and I don’t blame them one little bit. They need something to call their own in this little house of ours.

Little by little Lance has been moving into the living room and sleeping on the couch.

Here is where he keeps is blankets and stuffed animals during the day.
Lance's Bedroom
This was Caleb’s idea to put something over the box to make it look pretty.
This is Lance at night.
Sleepy Lance
Monkey Boy
May not have been born in Texas but he certainly has been raised here!
Happy dreams my sweet little boy!


  1. We are in pretty tight quarters ourselves. Sweet little space and my husband thought sleeping with the gun to be cute!

  2. I love that picture of him. I love how you make your little home so cozy. I don't have that talent. My sister Cynce does. She has a smaller house than we do but it's so pretty and cozy.


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