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Orthodontist Visit

Ouch! I went to the orthodontist and now my mouth hurts. I was barely able to eat my steamed broccoli and tender piece of chicken. Tonight I’m going to have a doctored up Atkins shake for dinner instead of roast beef.

Boy, did they tighten my wire and bands. There was tugging and pushing going on with adjusting things. Double ouch! I’m sure Joshua is feeling the same.
We both have four bands in our mouth. Josh actually has five. I opted for a hot pink band and neon bands.
2.20.13 005
I figured I might as well have fun with the bands while I can. Hopefully within the next 6 months I’ll be outta braces.

Last week I went to the oral surgeon and I don’t have to go back until July. Yay!

I can open my mouth to 40mm. I am shooting for 45 though, so we’ll see. I still do my mouth stretches everyday.

My chin is still numb and so is my bottom lip. I get some sensation and my chin feels fuzzy at times. I’m praying all feeling will come back.

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