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Schoolhouse Review Crew: Handwriting Without Tears 3rd Grade

Handwriting without Tears Logo Handwriting Without Tears has a new updated edition of their handwriting workbooks and I’m excited to have  been given the opportunity to review the 3rd Grade Cursive book with Lance.

Product: Handwriting Without Tears 3rd Grade Cursive Teacher’s Guide and Student Book.

What I received: Both the Teacher’s Guide and Student Book.
Price: Teacher’s Guide $9.25, Student Book $8.25

Recommended ages: 3rd grade but can be used with a younger or older student as well.
Handwriting Without Tears
(Teacher manual does not come spiral bound, I took mine to our local printing shop)
The Teacher Guide has a wealth of information, especially if you have a wiggly little guy like Lance. For instance you can have your child do the “Stamp Your Feet”. This exercise lets your child get all that energy out in a controlled way. There is another benefit, when they stop stomping and waving their arms the child will have good posture and be ready to pay attention!
In the back of the Teacher Guide is a weekly/daily schedule. This makes it super easy to stay on track and let’s you know what you will teach that day at a glance.

Each lesson has an:
*Objective-this informs you what the child will learn.
*More to Learn-sometimes this will be as simple as practicing a letter with extra words, or going over the words ‘not’ and ‘knot’, or review the planets.
*Support/ELL-this  ties in with More to Learn. For instance if the More to Learn was discussing  planets then Support/ELL will suggest to discuss the planets, show pictures, and point out the uniqueness of a planet.
*Connections-again ties in with More to Learn by having the child research the planet and share their findings.
*Lesson Plan-gives step-by-step instructions to demonstrate how the letter is made and/or writing proper sentences.

Everything ties into the letter or sentences the child is learning. With the planets theme, the child was copying sentences about planets.

As you can see the Teacher Guide is very thorough but there’s more. Every time you see a smiley face icon with the words “A Click Away” you can go online to a password protected site. You will find many downloads to supplement the Handwriting Without Tears Cursive course. For instance if needing remediation than print out “Remediation Tips” worksheets, if your child needs more practice with writing the ‘Magic C’ words you can print out the “Mystery Word Game with C”. Those are only a few of the many activities and support material you will find. I thought that was a neat feature.

It is highly advisable that you will sit with your child while completing the student workbook. You don’t want to go over the demonstrations and then hand the student book to your child to complete on their own. You need to be there to evaluate the child as he/she copies the words or sentences and help them as needed.
Handwriting Without Tears
How did I use this with Lance?

We spent a bit longer on each letter. Lance, has difficulty with his fine motor skills, so at times with Handwriting Without Tears we would take three days to complete one lesson. What I would do is introduce the letter, go over how it’s formed, then I’d have him use the chalkboard.

The next day I would go over the letter again, have him ‘air’ write it, then do a few rows in the student book.

On the third day, he would complete the rest of the page.

Not every letter took three days to complete but if he needed those extra days then that is what we did. Every child is different and as the mom I need to do what is best for Lance. This means not rushing through the material just to keep with a neatly, planned, schedule. It took me years to understand that, so there are benefits with being the youngest homeschool child (mom finally gets it!).

My final thoughts, I really liked that the student pages are clean and uncluttered. Each page gave just enough practice so it was not overwhelming for Lance. There were not rows and rows to complete.

At first the Teacher Guide had me a bit overwhelmed. It has 45 pages of information before one reaches the first lesson. Think brain overload.
What I did was skim through it, then went back and tabbed what I knew I would use most. In the evening when the children went to bed I made a nice hot cup of coffee, snuggled under some blankets, and started reading.

As I was reading and sipping my coffee I found that the authors of Handwriting Without Tears have a passion to bring teaching to life with their multisensory cursive instruction. With 35 years of experience they have a lot to offer and I’m thankful that Lance and I had this opportunity to review Handwriting Without Tears 3rd Grade.

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**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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