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Schoolhouse Review: God’s Great Covenant OT~1

Classical Academic Press is one of my favorite places to shop. I have used some of their programs in the past and look forward to using them in the future. Classical Academic Press offers subjects in Latin, Greek, Spanish, Logic, Poetry, Bible and more!

Product: God’s Great Covenant Old Testament 1

What I received: Teacher’s Edition, Student Workbook, Mp3 audio Files
Price: Teacher’s Edition $24.95, Student Workbook $22.95, Mp3 Audio Files $9.95

Recommended age: Grades 3-6
2.15.13 011
{I had my books spiral bound so they would lay flat, they are not sold in this format}
This is the first in a series. The other titles are: God’s Great Covenant OT 2, and God’s Great Covenant NT 1.

This program will take you and your child on journey from Genesis to Ruth, including Job. The text has 32 chapters and concentrates on five Unit Themes.

* Unit I~In the Beginning-God’s Power
* Unit II~By the Patriarchs-God’s Promises
* Unit III~Out of Egypt-God’s Redemption
* Unit IV~Through the Wilderness-God’s Provision
* Unit V~ In the Promised Land-God’s Faithfulness

Each unit has a Unit Theme and between 5 or 6 chapters and a ‘Looking Backwards…Looking Ahead’ review chapter.

Each chapter has a:
*Memory Page, this is where everything is introduced. The Lesson Scope, Theme, Memory Verse, Key Facts, Read to Me (the Bible passage),Things to Remember and Who Is God.
* Story Time-The story fleshed out the Bible passage. Sometimes the Bible can be hard to understand for children and the story, I think, really helps the child to understand and connect with God’s Word.
* Review Worksheets- This is a fill-in-the blank worksheet for your child to complete. It will help you to see what you need to go over with your child (not that they have to memorize everything but it does help to see what can be reviewed).
* Chapter Quiz- Finally an end of the chapter quiz. Like the review it too is a fill-in-the blank page.

In the back of the student workbook are some nice 3D black and white maps. They are a good size for the children to trace routes and find places, to me maps just make everything come alive more. I love maps!!!
God's Great Covenant
The Teacher’s Edition has reduced copies of the student workbook. An answer key is included along with lots of notes for mom. I absolutely love all the information provided. Sometimes I can over explain things and end up confusing my child, so having all the information right in front of me is a huge plus here at Homeschooling6! In fact I have learned a few things myself.God's Great Covenant
We both enjoy listening to the Mp3 Audio file. In fact all my children like listening to it over and over again. Christopher Perrin has a pleasant voice, not dry or boring.

How did I use God’s Great Covenant at my House?

I decided to use this with Ethan my 10yr. old son. I thought it would be nice to have something special for us to do together. This year Ethan, hasn’t been learning as many verses as I’d like him too, so this would also give him passages to hide in his precious heart as well.

Over the weekend I would read all the notes for the teacher. I highlight things that I wanted to remember and discuss with Ethan.

Monday, I’d go over the Memory Page and would have him copy the memory verse to put in his index card box. This is were we are keeping all his verses.
Tuesday, I read the Bible passage, reviewed the Memory Page, and practiced the verse.

Wednesday, we listened to Story Time via the Mp3 audio files and practiced the memory verse. When we practice the memory verse I will say it three times, then I’ll say it and have him repeat after me another three times. He would also complete the first side of the Review Worksheet.

Thursday, he completed the second page of the Review Worksheet. I would help him with spelling and such. We’d go over his verse.

Friday, he would take the quiz. We used the quiz as an assessment. If he missed something we talked about it. I would write it down in next weeks notes section in the teacher guide as a reminder to go over a word or whatever it was he missed or didn’t understand.

You can also find a suggested schedule on their website and sample pages too!
My overall thoughts on this program is it’s a very thorough Bible program. I feel confident with teaching my son, I can tell a lot of work went into this series. The books are very good quality and I’m so thankful that they sell physical copies.

If you’re looking for a Bible program for your elementary child(ren) that’s top notch, I would highly recommend God’s Great Covenant from Classical Academic Press.

You can find Classical Academic Press on Facebook and Pinterest.
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  1. Welcome back to reviewing :) I had the OT2 and we loved it. Great review - I'll have to get this when we finish. I like the idea of spiral binding - clever!


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