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Week 19/Day 3

I took the time to figure out what week we are on. According to my calculations it’s week 19.

This morning, like most mornings I started with my eldest son Joshua. Please don’t ask why (because it’s too long of a story), but Josh is now using Bob Jones Grammar AND Easy Grammar. If it was up to me it would be only Easy Grammar.
2.6.13 007
With Easy Grammar (EG), he is not required to separate the subject and predicate, I am having him do that for practice. His Bob Jones grammar requires it. In this EG lesson he added finding the direct object.

We are both working diligently through Spelling Power. This is helping him really look at the words and see how they are spelled. Sometimes he will notice a word within the word and that will help. For instance with the word garbage, he noticed the word ‘age’ in there. I also bring up the spelling rule. With ‘garbage’ I explained why there is a silent ‘e’.
2.6.13 008
We are continuing with Wordsmith. Today we completed Part one. This section concentrated on word usage. This was a good thing because it reviewed parts of speech. Part two will focus on sentences, strong versus weak.

I would like to start adding in Literature with Josh. He does have this subject but I’d like to sit with him. Right now he watches the DVD and does the work but I’m only correcting the tests and quizzes. I want to be more active in this subject.

There are only so many hours in a day you know . . .
I spent a lot of time with Lance today. First thing we did was Handwriting Without Tears. He did really good today. He didn’t have to practice so much on the chalkboard.
2.6.13 009
He really enjoys having the Magic C Bunny around. I’m amazed how much better he does when he knows the bunny is ‘watching’ him.
2.6.13 010
I had him do the whole page today. Usually I have him practice on the chalkboard then do  a few rows in his workbook. I think that works better because he was starting to get sloppy towards the end. I really pray that this helps with his penmanship. He is my only child that has a difficult time with writing. My other children were already doing well in this area. But I know it’s all in God’s timing.

With Brent I am reviewing READS. This program is suppose to help with reading comprehension. Brent has a hard time with that.
2.6.13 006
I had him pick out a book that he would like to read and he chose Treasure Island. This is an adapted version but it’s all about getting him to read and understand. He can always read or listen to the abridged version later.
I picked one of the cards and gave it to him to take to his quiet reading space. I told him to ponder and thing about the question before he started reading. When he was done I asked him the question and we discussed his answer.

His first answer was, I don’t know, the usual for him. I had to prod him and told him “I don’t know” is not an option for an answer Winking smile.
There are a few changes in the works with our homeschooling. I am not really liking Write with the Best very much. The boys haven’t complained but I know they don’t either. I would do better if their was a teacher manual with a better answer key and more instructions and/or some samples.

I’m looking at Igniting Your Writing? because I already own it but I’m not sure.

With Annette I am going to change her writing program as well. She currently is using IEW’s Medieval History Based Writing. This Friday or next month I am going to purchase Essentials in Writing for her.

Annette really enjoys using Math-U-See. Essentials in Writing uses the same concept in their writing program. When I mentioned this to her she was really excited and is all gung-ho to make the switch.

Having a ‘teacher’ will be a tremendous help for both of us. With IEW I don’t always have the time to sit with her. Not that I don’t want to of course.
Nap time is over so I must sign off. Until next time . . . Smile.


  1. I like the bunny! :) Too cute that he does better when it is watching him.

    Looks like everyone is doing great. I haven't heard of that writing program. I probably shouldn't go look either or else I might second guess what we are doing. You know, those new shiny things...which I am giving away now on my blog. LOL! I always seem to go back to what we started with. Haven't learned yet.

    We are trying to get back into the groove after our interruptions these past few weeks.

  2. Good Morning! Just wanting to check-in before my day gets ahead of me :) I've been out of town and it's hard to get back into our rhythm again.

    I hope that the box I sent has arrived safely.


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