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Week 20 (Friday)

Wow, week 20!!! Only 16 more weeks to go until Summer School Smile.
Here are some pictures from 2/15/13.
2.15.13 002
I usually start my morning with Joshua. I teach three subjects with him, spelling, English, and writing.
2.15.13 004
Thursday Lance sorted the words. Friday I had him circle the ending sounds. When sorting the words the only help given from me is putting the bolded words at the top. I let him figure out how to sort them.

At first he was confused and had words in the wrong row. He had a light-bulb moment after we talked about the words and said, “Oh, I get it now”.
2.15.13 003
2.15.13 005
Lance is unscrambling the words. I thought this would be good for his brain and it kept him busy for a while.
2.15.13 006
We are reviewing TouchMath 1st Grade. Lance has been learning less than, greater than, or equal. He is also working on Place Value.
2.15.13 007
He really likes using TouchMath Tutor Software. After we go over the concept using the worksheets he is allowed some tutor time.
2.15.13 008
Brent completing his Rod and Staff English lesson. Both Caleb and Brent had to write a written narration after reading from the Bible about Elisha and Elijah.
2.15.13 009
Annette, completed another Math-U-See test. She is doing really well and absolutely loves this math program. She lost her test book. Thankfully I have Caleb’s book. My Caleb just started Zeta.
2.15.13 001
And that was our Friday!

I was going to write the rest of the week on a separate post, but my internet is acting up. I don’t want to wait until later because I have too much to write. Here it goes, the rest of the week in pictures.
More plunger fun!!!
2.11.13 006
Brent is having way too much fun with the plunger.
2.11.13 007
2.11.13 016
Lance trying to figure out what book he wants mama to read. He picked one of my favorites, ‘Harry the Dirty Dog’.
2.12.13 003
Lance learning his touchpoints.

Organizing our TouchMath Flip Cards.
2.13.13 006
Lance having fun with the Color Cubes.
2.13.13 004
His fort. He was having some sort of battle.
2.13.13 001
2.12.13 004
Joshua loves taking notes from his science text. He is using WinterPromise Forensic Science for high school.
2.12.13 005
2.12.13 007
Joshua making an Abraham Lincoln hat.
2.13.13 009

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  1. I love ‘Harry the Dirty Dog'! The Forensics science curriculum sounds interesting.


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