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Week 21/Day 2

I have been starting my school days a little later than I would like. Today at 9:15 is late here at Homeschooling6.

I started my teaching day off with Lance. I wanted to get his TouchMath lesson done. We got half way through and the other side of Lance that I don’t like, you know the little moody monster. Ugh, is all I can say.
2.21.13 010
I can’t teach him when he’s acting up. I didn’t want to set him ‘free’ because that would be just too fun. He had to sit in the ‘corner’. We don’t have any corners so it was in front of the dishwasher.
2.21.13 001
After I calmed down a bit (I’m trying not to be affected and stay cheery when this happens Smile), I had him take a seat at the table and we did some phonics.
2.21.13 002
After he practiced reading from his reader I had him do some seat work, Roll and Write a Sentence. He enjoyed this.

Because Lance didn’t complete math or a few other subjects he had to go back to the corner (poor guy). Tonight when dad gets home he will complete his math lesson.
2.21.13 008
Lance can make anything fun. He had to sit in the chair for lunch and found a way to amuse himself. He made boats out of bread.
2.21.13 014
With Joshua we did our usual three lessons, Grammar, Writing, and Spelling. Grammar was a bit complicated today.
2.21.13 012
Josh is learning about infinitive verbs, past participles, irregular and regular verbs. Like with math all this information is overloading his brain. It’s coming too fast for him. Thankfully Easy Grammar has lots of practice sheets.

One of Annette’s assignments for today was to make homemade noodles.
2.21.13 007
2.21.13 011
That was part of our day. I also completed a Rod and Staff English lesson with Caleb and Brent.

I still need to school Ethan. He has completed Math. I want to do Bible, Phonics Pathways and some copywork with him still.

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  1. Okay, Lance is cracking me up. He is so much like Kayleigh. lol And it pleases me that I'm not the only mom who photographs the kids being naughty. lol


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