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Week ?/Day ?

Since taking time off from writing about our homeschooling days, it has been hard to get back into it. My three weeks of no camera (or almost no camera), ended last Monday. I’ll post some pictures that I have taken. 

Maybe this will get me motivated again. I guess right now I’m excited about my new way of living low carb. so I’ve been posting more about that.
1.29.13 008
This day was one of those almost-perfect days. You know when all the children are doing what they are suppose to and doing it cheerfully.
1.29.13 009
This year Annette’s chosen spot is my bed. She does well because she can spread her school books out, it’s warm, and she can close the door if the noise level is high that day.
131.13 001
I started Handwriting Without Tears Cursive with Lance. He has been wanting to learn cursive.
131.13 002
I thought the chalk looked pretty so I had to snap a picture of course!
131.13 003
Printing problems. Annette needed some maps printed but the printer was not cooperating. We finally figured it out but it only took us two or three days.
131.13 013
Where is Brent? Thankfully he didn’t break my spin-able cupboard.
2.2.13 001
Don’t you just love when siblings are getting along. I so love seeing these two work together. Brent and Caleb are working on their timeline.

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