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Atkins Day 54 (Not Losing)

It has been 54 days of eating healthy. No dyes (except for the Atkins Strawberry shake that I won’t be buying anymore), no hydrogenated oils, no msg, no white flour, no sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.

Although my family is not living a low carb life, they  have benefited tremendously with the changes I have made for me.  My family is eating veggies daily. They are eating a lot less white flour and white sugar. They are eating lots and lots of berries.  It’s very rare that I buy them any processed snack foods.  I have cut a lot of bread out of their diet too.  They still eat it but it’s not a daily or even a weekly thing now.

The only time my children eat more bread than I want them to is when their loving grandfather brings some for them.

As for losing weight. Well that’s been a little slow. I have lost 10lbs but those ten pounds were from my first 30 days.  The past 24 days I haven’t lost any weight.  I keep teetering with 2-3 pounds.  I go up on pound then lose the pound, go up one pound then lose a pound.

It can get discouraging at times but you know, I can’t imagine going back to the way I was eating before (and I was a big time label reader too!).  I feel better and though I haven’t been losing I feel thinner. I know eventually the weight thing will happen.

To be honest I have never dieted before.  Yes, I may have watched what I ate and all but I never needed to lose weight.  After having my last baby I wasn’t really that big.  A few days ago I was looking at pictures and I was pretty thin.  I probably weighed about 145.

Slowly ever since my Lance was born I have been gaining those 2lbs a year that one reads about.  Ugh. To think I thought I was fat. 145 was a lot more to me than my pre~prego weigh of 120-125.

I’ve known for the past 8 years that I needed to lose weight.  I also knew when I was ready it wouldn’t be the low calorie way.  No sir,  this mama likes her steaks and heavy cream.  I knew it would be the Atkins way because I can eat avocados, olive oil, cream (4oz a day), steak, and so many other delicious foods.  Real food.  Many of the low fat foods have junk in them.  For instance fat free half-and-half has corn syrup in it.

So I may not be losing weight as fast as I would like and it may be discouraging at times but I keep pressing on because I don’t want high cholesterol to be part of my life.  Cholesterol today, high blood pressure or diabetes tomorrow.  I don’t want to go that route. 

At least I’m not gaining anymore.  I’m eating foods I love and don’t feel one bit guilty with consuming them.

Here is how a day of eating looks like for me:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2 c. spinach, 1/2 c. mushrooms, 2TBL butter, coffee, cream, sucralose.  Or if in a hurry I blend an Atkins’ shake with ice, flax, protein powder, and coconut oil.  Lately I have been having 4oz chicken with 1 cup spinach.

Snack: I don’t always eat a morning snack but if I do here are some that I eat. Boiled eggs, celery sticks, avocado,  cheese stick, jicama, or any other veggie that is allowed. I’m allowed to have blueberries and I love this with a TBL of heavy cream.  It’s rare that I eat blueberries because 14 c. is about 4 carbs.

Lunch: I love having the Atkins frozen meals available but when I don’t I may have a hamburger patty with 1oz of cheese, a veggie, and some Duke’s Mayo or Marie Calendar’s Blue Cheese dressing. Other times I may have a lettuce wrap (sandwich meat,  cheese, dressing, and tomato/avocado).
Snack: same as previous snack list.

Dinner: Right now I’m loving those seasoned chicken breast from Walmart with sautéed veggies.

Snack: I can add some nuts to my diet now and I love having 2TBL of Almond Butter. Yum.  I look forward to this snack.  I save it for last because it’s so good.

I also:
*drink 2 cups of coffee a day with heavy cream and a splash of sucralose (yes I’ve studied up on Splenda and Sucralose and still choose to consume it).
*I cook using olive oil, coconut oil, and/or butter.  I have about 2-5 TBS a day (no guilt anymore with using butter and oils).  No more PAM =)
*take my daily vitamins (I add a EcoDrink to my 24oz cup of water)
*drink 97oz of water or more.
Speaking of water.  One is suppose to drink at least half their weight in ounces.  I drink more Winking smile.   A few months ago my goal was to drink 70oz of water, then I upped it to 80, and now it’s 97. I don’t always reach 97 ounces but most days I do.

I also T-Tapp 3-4 days a week. I’ll have to share my T-Tapp journey another time . . .


  1. You are doing great, Linda!

  2. Hi, Dee!!! I've missed you. In fact today I was thinking about you and wondering where my #1 reader was. =)

  3. {{hugs}} I know the journey is hard, and you are doing sooooooo good!!!
    T-tapp is not working for me with my lower back. I'm sad because I really wanted to use it, but I have other workout tapes that I can do.

    Keep up the good eating!

  4. Slow and steady wins the race. As long as you feel good and are eating more healthy, that is most important. I am thinking of doing weight watchers. I have all the stuff to do it so I might just do it myself and journal instead of going to the meetings and paying for it. I would add lemon water to your diet. I heard lemons are good for weight loss and helping your metabolism. I put Stevia in mine.

  5. I'm still around, Linda! And I still love your blog! It's just been the busiest homeschool year I've ever had in 13 years. Not so busy homeschooling, but very busy running around and getting things done...

    Much Love,

    Dee :)


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