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Atkins Day 68

I’m on day 68 of my new low carb way of eating (Atkins). I am still loving my diet. I don’t mean diet as temporary dieting to lose weight (although I do need to lose 26lbs). When I mention diet I am talking about the foods and drinks that I consume on a regular bases.

I love that my freezer is full of veggies. All kinds of foundation vegetables and ice.
This past week I lost another 2 pounds. Yay! This was huge for me considering that I hadn’t lost anything for about 34 days.

I inquired on the Atkins forum. I listed every, single, thing that I was eating. My age, weight, start date, etc.

What one kind lady said I should try is limit my heavy cream to 3TBL. I was having 4TBL a day. I do miss that extra tablespoon very much.

Make sure I don’t go over my 3 sweeteners a day. I admit I was having a few more then I was suppose to.  I would have 1 ZipFizz which has sucralose and is counted toward a sweetener. I was also adding two quick squeezes/splashes from my liquid Sucralose in my coffee. I was having 2 grande cups a day. I was over consuming my sucralose by 2. I thought such a tiny amount how could it matter. Well it does.

The lovely lady also said to stop eating my 2TBL of Almond Butter that I would save for the end of the day.  It was my favorite snack. Oh how I miss it but I’m sure I can add it back in once I’m on the maintenance stage of Atkins.

And I was surprised that she suggested I up my net carbs to 30. My net carbs was 25 before.

After 10+ days I lost two pound in two days. Hopefully I won’t be teetering with these to pounds for another 30+ days. For right now I’m happy about it. I just don’t want the scale to not move again.

Yesterday my teeth were ‘adjusted’ at the orthodontist so its been a bit harder to get my veggie carbs in.  This morning I had 2 scrambled eggs with cactus (from a jar so it was soft), and 1TBL of butter.

Lunch I had 2 scrambled eggs with a frozen chopped onion and green peppers, and 1TBL of butter. I didn’t let the veggies soften up enough so they were hard to eat. I think I swallowed most of them whole. Hope that counts as veggies. I’m sure my body will extract all the good from it Winking smile.

I had an avocado and some Cream Cheese Pancakes for a snack. Both didn’t need any chewing.

I forgot to add that I had an 1oz of cheddar cheese with each meal (total 2oz).
So far my net carbs are about 17. My veggie carbs 8. Both pretty low. If it wasn’t for my sore and tender teeth I’d have both closer to my goal for the day of 30 net carbs and 12-15 veggie carbs. I might have to blend some tomatoes and cucumbers in my Ninja. I . . . must . . . reach . . . my . . . goal!

I have been keeping my calories between 1500-1800. An easy thing for this fat loving mama! You know me, I enjoy my butter, cream, avocado, and using olive oil. I’m still amazed that I can eat so many of my favorite foods and lose weight and lower my cholesterol.

It’s so backwards from what we are taught. Instead of eat more fat it’s eat low fat.
Here is an interesting blog post by Colette titled: Another Good Reason to Say No to Low-Fat Diets. Colette worked with the late Dr. Atkins and is the forum’s nutritionist.
Edited to add that I woke this morning (2-23-13) and lost two more pounds! I’m so excited. Hope those pounds stay away.

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