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Atkins (I must Be Burning Fat!)

Hopefully you all aren’t getting tired of my diet/Atkins post.  I know I need to get posting more about homeschooling again. This school year has just been a hard one and for some reason my blogging about it seems like its been zapped. I just don’t know what to write about with regards to schooling. I do miss doing the Week-in-Review post but again, I haven’t had the motivation to grab guides, books, and such to write them.

Anyway, I came to write because I was  read something in Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution (DANDR) book that was encouraging to me.
You know how I have not lost much weight and at times I have been discouraged.  A few days ago I shared how my cholesterol levels went way down. That was a huge encouragement for me because all the hard work paid off (not that I would have stopped living a low carb life, because it takes time for things to change in ones body). And I must admit “for me” this diet has not been that hard (love my food choices). Not seeing the scale move is what gets discouraging at times.

I was reading DANDR and this encouraged me as well. A quote from his book (*indicates my words):
“If your triglyceride level was originally elevated even high-normal (*which mine was) anything above 100 increases the risk of heart disease, it will have almost certainly plummeted dramatically (*which mine did). Drops of between forty and eighty percent are commonplace for someone doing Atkins, as they should be. After all, stored fat is made of up of triglycerides, and Atkins focuses on burning stored fat for energy. If you don’t get such a response, make sure you are doing the program correctly, or else repeat the test making sure you wait fourteen hours before blood is drawn.”

The sentence I bolded is what I got excited about.  My triglycerides went way down so that must mean I’m burning fat! So excited!

FYI: It is highly recommended that you wait at least 6 months before having your cholesterol tested once starting Atkins. From what I understand your body may show the LDL or HDL (not sure) higher because your body is still adjusting with eating more fats.

Thankfully for me that didn’t happen.  I had my appointment scheduled before I started Atkins and didn’t want to change it.  So if you get your blood drawn before the six month mark be prepared that your cholesterol might be slightly higher. The triglycerides should show improvement though from what I read.

I’m also reading Dr. Atkins’ Vita-Nutrient Solution and Atkins’ Diabetes Revolution. The latest book is New Atkins for a New You (NANY). All very informative. I’m slowly working my way through the two first books mentioned. I actually purchased a used audio book of the diabetes one.
With regarding as to why starting Atkins was not so very hard for me. I was never a starchy eater to begin with.  I have been an avid label reader for years and know what’s in many of the packaged foods we eat. I never was a soda drinker either.  The way I saw it, was I’d rather eat than drink those calories Winking smile and knowing I was drinking all that sugar just didn’t sound appealing to me

As for sugar, again, I was not a big sugar eater too. Oh, I enjoyed my brownies and chocolate chip cookies but it’s not like I HAD to have them. 
Thankfully transitioning over to Atkins way of eating was not a huge thing. In fact I love that I that I no longer feel guilty when putting cream in my coffee or eating an avocado and using butter to cook my eggs.  And to think! I was feeling guilty about eating GOOD food. Food that my body needs. We need fat in our diet. I read that our brains need fat in our diet.

For others giving up pasta, bread, and Oreos is hard but thankfully after a while craving for these foods will diminish. 

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