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Date Night

I did it again!!! I forgot my camera and didn’t get a picture of my beautiful low carb sandwich at In-n-out.  They wrapped it in lettuce. I give them 10 stars for presentation. It was just as tasty without the bun and their signature sauce. I love that sauce but didn’t miss it.

We normally have our Date Night on Saturday but our church had a family movie night and we didn’t want to miss that.  Great fellowship with our church family. We watched the old Disney move~The Swiss Family Robinson.  Josh and a few other boys thought there was too much lovey-dovey with the girl.  He liked the beginning and the end but not the middle because of it.

Lance asked why there was some kissy-lippy in it.
Last week my Sweets and I didn’t go on a date at all! He took the boys to Alert Cadet Academy with some other boys and leader. They’re mission, to fix some bathrooms.
Alert Cadet
Before pictures of the boys fixing the bathrooms.
Alert Cadet
Joshua drilling.  It was windy and cold that weekend.  It rained too. They all came home wet and tired.
Alert Cadet
Caleb below and Brent above.
Alert Cadet
What a difference.  Talk about night and day. I think the Alert Cadet group did a wonderful job.
Alert Cadet
Alert Cadet
Okay, back to my Date Night post. Our first stop was Half Price Books. We had a 50% off coupon.

I found an older version of the Atkins Diet.  I want to see the changes.  As Dr. Atkins forged ahead with his research he would also update his book.   I hear the core of the program has pretty much stayed the same. But I thought it would be interesting to read. It was only $2.00.
I bought Annette a book too.  She likes to read book about dogs. This one was on clearance for $1.00.
Half Price Books
Lupe found a book for Josh, Annette, and Caleb about landscaping.  A project he’s giving them at the apartments is to beautify a certain space.
After Half Price we went to In-N-Out and we enjoyed our scrumptious burgers.  I absolutely love their French fries but praise the Lord I had no cravings at all.

Our last stop was Target.  For the most part I bought all fresh food.  For my cereal loving family I tried to find the best I could with no add sugar or high fructose and such.

I know these are not the greatest but I tried. The Raisin Brand does have brown sugar.
And that my dear friends was another wonderful date night with the love of my life!

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