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Date Night

Today was cold and windy but that didn’t stop my Sweets and I from going out on our date.  We look forward to our Saturday Date Night. Even though I was recovering from being sick. I still had a wonderful time.  I feel so much better. I have a cough and my body aches. I am staying home from church tomorrow to rest some more. If it wasn’t for the coughing I’d be able to go.

First stop was Dillard’s.  My hubby was looking for some nice blouses for Annette. We didn’t find anything. Nothing was on sale and we couldn’t find anything modest enough. I don’t know what is going on with neon and lace but there was a lot in the girls section.

2nd stop In-N-Out Burger. I was hungry. I love the bun~less burgers at In-N-Out.
Look at all that yummy cheese, and the sautéed onions where so good. I really enjoyed my burger. I brought an avocado and ate that too. Yum! Both Lupe and I had water. 

I’m so proud of my hubby. I know how much he likes to have a soda with his burger.
3rd stop was FedEx Office. I’m sure you all can guess what I had done. Yup, had my books spiral bound. You know me the queen of spiral binding!
March 2013 020
4th stop was Office Depot. We had to get some yellow toner for our printer.  We have a laser printer and love it but we sure don’t like paying $123.00 for the toner.
5th stop was Half Price Books. My Sweets wanted to take me to a new one at a new location.  We also had a coupon.  We only spent $12.00. Yay!
March 2013 021
I think the children will enjoy them. We have a copy of Father’s Promise but I REALLY like that book and wanted another. Our copy is pretty ragged.

6th stop was Target. It was also our last stop, thankfully. We were both tired by this time.
I should have waited before taking the picture because we added more.  We are almost out of shampoo, face soap, and lotion.  We took forever trying to find the soaps without chemicals. My normal face wash was out and so was the shampoo we purchased before. I think we did okay though. All the soap/lotion items had very little ingredients.  A bit more pricey but worth it.

Now that I don’t wash my hair every, single, day I don’t use so much shampoo. It saves us a ton of dollars.  I don’t use conditioner anymore either before I use to put so much in my hair because of tangles. Ever since I went shampoo-less a few years ago my hair is so much nicer and I don’t need conditioner. I just add coconut oil a few times a week. Now we can buy better quality shampoos and conditioners and they last a lot longer.

My husband is such a gentleman. When we were at FedEx Office someone dropped off a 65lb box. The cashier lady weighed it, the man paid and left. Lupe and I were waiting for my books and were looking around.  Lupe noticed that the man left his heavy package on the scale which was on the counter.  Being the wonderful man that he is, he picked up the box, put it on the dolly, and wheeled to the other side of the counter so the lady wouldn’t have to lift it. I’m so blessed to have a hubby who thinks of others and has a servants heart. He is a man after God’s own heart and I thank Jesus everyday. I love being married to him.

That was another Date Night with my Sweets.


  1. Wow Lou, that burger does look yummy!

    Oh how I do miss Half-Price books. They still haven't come to GA.

    That is the next thing I want to do, go shampoo-less. Soon hopefully. :)

    So, are Target's grocery prices decent. We don't have a Super Target :(. Would be nice.

  2. Your husband is a sweetheart for doing that! I really enjoy reading your blog. It gives me a little peek in to other people's lives. Bye! Nathalie

  3. Thank you Nathalie. I love writing about our date nights because some day my kiddos will be reading this blog one day. I want them to see what a great father they have. I pray that my Annette will one day marry (if it's God's will) a man like her dad. And I pray my boys will grow up to be like him. Gentle, kind, humble, loving, I could go on an on ;)

  4. Hi, Cynce, I no longer am shampoo-less. I use a really good, no chemical shampoo now. Lupe buys it and since I no longer wash my hair daily it lasts so long. I figure I might as well use it. My whole reason to go shampoo-less (can't stand the no poo word ;) was because of the chemicals.
    I no longer use conditioner either.

    Target's prices are pretty decent. Many items are lower than the grocery store. I think Walmart is still lower. I go there with dad a few times a month. I still can't bring myself to buy meat there. I buy all our meat from the grocery store.

    Miss you my sweet sis! Lupe keeps talking about visiting you all. He loved it in GA and your place out in the country. We need to meet in the middle and buy a huge property for both our families to live on. Ha, that would be great.

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