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I Ate . . .

I did something today that I thought would not happen. It's not that I was craving anything. I ate two pieces of white bread. Here is what happened.
My husband and I had an appointment today for some blood work. We had to fast for this. Our appointment was at 10:15.

Ethan had an appointment at 10:30 because his neck has been bothering him. He and a cousin were wrestling and Ethan ended up kinking his neck. He has one bump on both sides of his neck.
It looks like he pulled or strained his tendons. The doctor showed us some exercises he can do to get those knots out. Ethan has been popping his neck too and the doctor wants him to break that habit because it’s not good for his tendon.

If the stretches don’t help then she will have him start therapy.
My hubby and I joke that Ethan, is our most expensive child. He has spent the night at the hospital, has had stitches, and now his neck.  He’s so worth every, single, penny though and we thank the Lord for him everyday.
After our blood work Lupe and were so hungry. My Sweets asked where I wanted to go for lunch. I couldn’t decide. Lupe mentioned Country Burger. That sounded good. I love everything about that place. The atmosphere, the delicious sweet potato fries, and how your order is give to you in a bag. Doesn’t matter if you’re staying or leaving, you still get the paper bagged lunch. Not sure why I love that so much.

Anyway, I was thinking about how good those burgers look.  The bun is just so perfect. The meat nice and juicy. Then I decided that I was going to have the whole burger. High carb bun and all.  It was so good. I even ate some sweet potato fries. Yum!

You know what? I don’t feel like I failed or cheated.  I enjoyed having lunch with hubby, Annette, and Ethan. I had a good time. The rest of the day I went right back to my low carb way of eating, even though I was way over with my carbs because of the bread and sweet potato fries that I ate.

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  1. Sounds delicious! ...and so glad that you enjoyed those carbs :) You deserve it!!!


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