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Look What I Found . . .

I’m a Target gal at heart but my dad shops at Walmart, so now I shop at both places. Date Night at Target and Day Time at Wal-mart.

At Walmart I found some really tasty, juicy, chicken marinated in spices. There are three different kinds.

Sundried Tomato and Basil.
Tomato and basil
Each bag of chicken contains two large chicken breast.  It cost $4.98. I cut each piece for a total of four meals. I heat some Olive Oil, add the chicken, and add 1 cup of frozen spinach. It is so good!
Southwestern Chicken
Then there’s the Southwestern chicken.  This one is really good too.  The spice gives it a little kick without it being overwhelmingly hot.  I’m not a spice girl myself and was able to enjoy the Southwestern Chicken. So it’s not too spicy but just right.
Italian Style
The last one is the Italian Style.  I haven’t tasted this one yet but I’m sure it’s going to be really good.  I bought some a frozen bell pepper mix to add to this one.
Here is what I had for supper yesterday, breakfast this morning, and lunch today.  Yeah, I like this brand of chicken.

I’m editing to add that I didn’t like the the Italian Style Chicken. It was not tender like the other two. I won’t purchase that one again.

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  1. Found out that the chicken as a form of yeast extract which is not good. When mixed with sodium it becomes MSG. So don't buy this chicken. Sorry.


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