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Measuring My Food

I have a question for you all. I have been measuring my veggies using a measuring cup that is really suppose to be used for liquids. I didn’t have a digital scale so cups was my only way to measure.

I purchased a scale from Amazon and now I’m confused.
On the package it says 1 cup of veggies has 4 net carbs. Since 1 cup equals 8 ounces I kept adding veggies until the scale read 8oz. Look at how much delicious veggies I get to eat.
I then took my measuring cup and scooped out 1 cup which equals 8 ounces. Look how much is left on the scale, 4.8 ounces.

So which is the correct amount? Do I eat the amount on the scale or in the cup?

I went with what was on the scale but am not sure.  Have I been eating way less veggies than I’m suppose to or am I now eating too much? Oh dear, I’m so confused. My mommy brain can not figure this out so I’m sending out an S.O.S to you all.

I much prefer to eat the amount on the scale =)

Editing to add that I should have eaten the amount in the cup, ooops! A friend helped me see the light Winking smile and I sort of ‘get’ it now. At least I know how to weigh my food.

I’m editing again to add that I went over my carbs today because of my little mishap this morning. Ugh. I ate 12 carbs in veggies alone this morning!!! That’s all my required veggie carbs. My total carbs of foundation vegetables today was 16. That was a good thing. Usually my veggie carbs are at the lower required amount of 12.

I did go over but at least it was good food that I ate. I was so hungry around 6:00 p.m. There was no way 4oz of chicken was going to keep me from being hungry so I added a cup of spinach. After dinner I was still hungry, so before running out the door to AWANA I ate 2TBL of Almond Butter and oh my it was so good!

My daily net carbs is 25 but today it was 32.5. Eeeks. But like I said it’s all good.Who me?

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