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Random Pictures

Annette and Ethan love playing Backgammon with their dad.
Dad and Daughter
I’m trying something new with my coffee. Instead of 2oz of heavy cream I am cutting back to 1TBL and some coconut milk. Hopefully this will help get me going with losing some pounds.  There is something in my diet that has me holding on to my um, love handles as they say!
If you would like to learn about some of the health benefits from drinking good quality coffee you should hop on over to the Coffee Detective and sign up to receive your copy of the Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee. Very interesting. No more guilt with drinking one of my favorite beverages.
Just because you all are so interested here is a picture of my delicious lunch that I had today.
I use frozen veggies so they release a lot of water. I heated veggies in the same pan that I cooked the chicken in. I used a TBL of olive oil. This meal provided 8 carbs of veggies. Yay!

Guess this is turning into a food post, oops, didn’t mean for it to. Anyway, hee, hee, here is a picture of my new favorite recipe, Chicken and Spinach Parmesan. Except this time I didn’t double the recipe. I made it for me so I could have an easy to heat-up breakfast. Yeah, I don’t always eat breakfast food for breakfast.
Chicken Parm
This time I cooked it in a pie pan.  Each serving has 4 net carbs and there are 4 servings. I thought cutting in to fours was an easy way to get as close as I can to the correct amount in a serving.

Okay, here is a picture that is not of food.  Brent and mom!!!!  I love my Brent. I am going to try and take a picture with each of my children one-by-one over the next month.
3.13.13 049
Well that’s it for today (maybe hahanosmiley-1)

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