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I can’t believe I’m eating Sardines. I haven’t had them since I was prego with Joshua 14 years ago.
The yellow/green box I bought at Costco. I liked that the sardines are in Olive Oil. I am trying to find a way to get more Omega 3 fatty acids (without having to take omega 3 vitamins) without breaking the bank. I’d love to have some Salmon a few times a week but that is way too expensive unfortunately.

The other sardines I bought while out shopping with my pa’pa at Wal-mart. I had a good time with my dad.

I decided to try different brands to see which I liked more. When my dad goes to town he will sometimes  come by the house asking if I need anything.  I thought this way he’ll know the exact brand to get me.  If I don’t have an exact brand or type then he’ll bring home (not knowing of course) one that is loaded with not-so-good things like dyes, msg, etc. (Thank you dad for thinking of me before going to the store)
I do like the Sardines from Costco. I haven’t tried the others yet. I’m looking forward to the Beach Cliff brand. I love anything with Louisiana Hot Sauce. Yum.

The Beach Cliff brand was a dollar. I’m wondering why are some a $1.00 and others over $2.00. I didn’t see any msg or sugar in the $1.00 one. The only difference I found was the Beach Cliff has three carbs while the others don’t.

Do you like Sardines?  Any particular brand?  Are all Sardines the same?
Edited 3/4/13~Tried the Lousiana Hot Sauce. It tasted too fishy. Yuck. Didn’t like it.


  1. Oh my....I've never tried these but haven't found any type of fish that I can choke down. I actually cannot be in the same room because of the smell from fish.

  2. I love fish and shrimp. I never thought I'd eat another sardine but once again I have learned to never say never =)

    My sister does not like fish either but I think she'll eat tuna when mixed with mayo and adds some veggies like tomatoes and chopped up pickles. My mom use to make a great tuna sandwich.


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