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School Days in Pictures and Rambling

I am enjoying our school days. I would like to be more productive though. It seems this year I have not found my groove. Ugh! I don’t like those kind of years but nonetheless I carry on. I love having my babies home with me. I love that they are safe and getting lots of fresh air.

One subject I haven’t liked to teach much is and continues to be phonics/reading. I get tired of all the flashcards, so many sounds to learn and lots of rules. My boys just seem to get lost in it all.

As a Crew member I am so blessed to be able to try products. Yes, it’s hard (fun) work, and there are nights I stay up late working on a review and at times I have to put aside a subject BUT I absolutely love reviewing products. I may not be able to continue using every, single, review, product, even though it’s a great one. Now maybe if I had twenty children Winking smile.

Back to phonics/reading. Right now I’m reviewing *ABeCeDarian Reading Program. Oh, and I just found out I’m suppose to have a disclaimer whenever I write about any item I did not pay for, so when you see the little star * it means I received the item for a review. I have always tried my best to make sure you all know if it’s a ‘free’ item but apparently I should have been adding a disclaimer.

Double back to phonics/reading. Since I’ve been using *ABeCeDarian Reading Program I have enjoyed teaching it. I can’t write too much because I must save the nitty-gritty for my review.
I love letter cards. They are not tiny like many I have used in the past. They are free from the *ABeCeDarian website. I use them with Lance and Ethan. In the above picture Lance made different word with them.
Here is what Joshua’s desk looks like when studying the Bible.
Right now he is studying the book of Genesis and writing and taking notes.
There are some misspelled words but he always goes back when he’s done. I’m just happy that he enjoys reading God’s Word.
God's Word
Joshua is on his 2nd day with using a new writing program that we were blessed with from the Crew.* The Power in Your Hands.
The Power in Your Hands
He said, “I really like this writing program mom. It looks more challenging too.”
Here is my Ethan. I thought he looked so cute in his pj’s but he was embarrassed because he was still wearing them.
Cheerful Cursive
Lance is becoming an avid label reader.  I think it’s a great habit.
Silk Almond Milk
Annette has been busy in the kitchen. She is tackling homemade graham crackers.
Graham Crackers
My Girl is growing up. She’ll even buy her own ingredients.
Joshua enjoys baking as well. Here he made homemade brownies with homemade chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows.
March 2013 014

I received free any * product(s) through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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