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Schoolhouse Review: ARTistic Pursuits

Artistic Pursuits

My 13 year old daughter Annette has shown interest in learning to draw. Her current curriculum program has her drawing almost weekly. When Artistic Pursuits came up as a vendor for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I jumped at the chance to review it for my daughter.
Company Name: ARTistic Pursuits
Price: $47.95
Grade/Age Range: Recommended for grades 6-8/Ages 11 and up
Artistic Pursuits has recently expanded their books. The Elements of Art and Composition has 16 Units with four lessons per unit. There are a total of 68 lessons.
Your child will learn:
*Visual Paths in the Line
* Balance, Symmetry
* Your child will learn the difference between a quick sketch and a finished drawing
And much more. To see the full Table of Contents, Art Supplies required, and sample page, please visit Artistic Pursuits Website.
Each unit focuses on a topic. For instance the first unit’s topic is ‘space’.
Lesson 1: Building a Visual Vocabulary~here the child is give a topic to focus on. The topic is explained in words and pictures. They learn how to ‘Be Creative’ by completing a creative exercise.
Artistic Pursuits Book 1
Lesson 2: Art Appreciation and Art History~the child will observe an artist work of art, learn the culture, and will sometimes learn more about the artist or painting. This lesson will also have “The Challenge”, where the child will get to make a quick sketch or some other activity depending on the topic and focus for that unit.
Lesson 3: Techniques~the child will learn how to use their art tools and apply what they have learned to produce an original peace of art.
Lesson 4: Application~ from the previous lessons the child has focused on a topic, studied a work of art, culture, was taught how to use their art tools and so forth. Now it’s time to complete a final ‘Project’.
The 4th lesson will list the materials needed to complete the Project.
My daughter Annette spent anywhere from 30-60 minutes on a lesson. It depended on what was required of her for that days lesson.
Annette was able to complete her assignments with little assistance from me. I’m impressed with the layout and instructions of Artistic Pursuits. Everything is very clear and the steps are easy to follow.
While using Artistic Pursuits Annette started noticing more details in everyday art. Pictures she would see in a book or hanging on a wall. She appreciates art more. In fact she would like for us all to visit an art museum.
Artistic Pursuits
One morning I found Annette at the window sketching a bird that was perched on the fence.  I have also noticed that she will go outside and really pay attention to the beauty of what God has created. It’s like she sees the world a bit more detailed and appreciates it more as well. She came to me one day after a lesson and commented about the bark on a tree she was observing in the backyard. It was nice to see her interested in God’s handy-work!
My thoughts on this: I appreciate that each Artistic Pursuits book is non~consumable.  There is no separate teachers guide which means I don’t have to find space on my already crowded bookshelves. The straight forward instructions is another plus. Annette didn’t have to wait on me and could get started.
I would highly recommend Artistic Pursuits. It’s affordable, easy to use and the lessons are very manageable. My daughter did not find this program overwhelming or difficult to follow. She rather enjoyed the lessons and wants to continue with Artistic Pursuits.
Quote from 13 year old Annette, “Artistic pursuits showed me that I can draw things that I didn’t realize I could.”
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**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


  1. What a great quote! We reviewed the 4-5 book 1.

  2. Thank you Bethany. The 4-5 book looks really good too.


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