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Schoolhouse Review: Computer Science For Kids

My boys were so excited when they found out I would be reviewing Computer Science For Kids. Especially Joshua and Brent. They asked almost daily if Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basics had arrived in my inbox.
What we received for this review was a digital single user license download of Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basics. The purchase price is $59.95 but it is currently on sale for $34.95. For $59.95 you can order a Paperback Textbook Plus an E tutorial digital download.
Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Basics is recommended for ages 10 and up. My boys are ages 11, 12, 14 years old. Joshua will also complete More Bible and Kid Games with Microsoft Small Basics to earn a full credit. At the time of this review you can purchase the “One Year Pack” for $69.90.
The program consist of 13 chapters. You can see a Sample Chapter and a detailed Table of Contents for each chapter.
Before starting this program your child should be comfortable working with Windows. If not you might want to take some time to go over how to find files, move windows, resize, and so forth. Two of my sons were not familiar with Windows. I went over some of the basics and they are doing fine.
Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basics IS designed for the beginner. The E-book (Textbook) is very through with instructions. Sometimes my boys didn’t always understand everything but with a little help from dad they were able to figure it out.
You can see screen shots of completed of completed projects. My boys are currently on chapter 5 and can’t wait to start making some of the games which begin in chapter 10.
Their first Bible game will be Noah’s Ark. Others are:
  • Daniel and the Lions Den
  • Elijah and the Ravens
  • The Good Shepard
  • The Prodigal Son
  • The Lost Coin
  • Bible Scramble
Each chapter starts with a short Review and Preview and ends with a Summary. Computer Bible Games will walk your child your child through the process of how to use Small Basics applications. What they learn in this program will prepare them for more complex programming languages.
My husband used this with Joshua 14, Caleb 12, and Brent 11 years old. Other than research and typing up a paper my children haven’t had any computer programing experience so it was a bit of a challenge. Joshua struggles in math. I thought this was a great experience for him to see how math carries over in other subjects. It showed him that he needs to get those formulas correct. One number/letter off and the whole problem/formula will not work.
My boys used Computer Science for Kids four times a week. They started off on their own. Joshua my 14 year old would read the chapter and have the boys take notes (Joshua is a note taker). Starting with chapter 2 they did get a little stuck.  They asked their dad for help and he is now their computer teacher. They all work about an 40-60 minutes together.
I love that they have some special time with their dad.
Joshua is very excited about this program and is looking forward to completing it. I'm so glad for this opportunity for my son. It's opened up some interests in technology for him.
My final thoughts on the program: My boys are very excited about this program. They have been working on it for a little over five weeks and they are still enthusiastic about it. That right there tells me that it's a keeper.
Its been a bit of a challenge at times for them but that’s a plus because they are working through the challenges. Their dad is there to help but he lets them figure things out.
Would I recommend Computer Science for Kids? Absolutely! In fact we will be a returning customer.
Homeschooling6 DadQuote from Homeschooling6 Dad: “This is program is great because a parent who has little or no knowledge with computer programing will be able to teach their child(ren) using Computer Bible Games for Small Basics. The student textbook is spelled out so parents can learn along with their children.”

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