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Schoolhouse Review Crew: The Art of Poetry

Annette and I have been using The Art of Poetry from Classical Academic Press.

For this review we received The Art of Poetry Teacher Edition ($29.95), The Art of Poetry Student Textbook ($24.95), and the first two chapters of The Art of Poetry DVDs, more than 15 hours of teaching time for $69.95. The Art of Poetry Bundle, which includes the Teacher Edition, Student Textbook, and the DVDs cost $99.95.

Recommended Grade: Middle School and High School

The firs part of the Student Textbook~The Art of Poetry introduces the child to: The Elements of Poetry. Chapters include Images, Metaphor, symbols, Words, Sound & More, Rhythm, Shape: Stanza & Line, Tone: Putting It All Together.

The Art of Poetry Textbook

The second section of the book, chapters 9-15 introduces The Formal History of Poetry: History Form, Movement, Genres, Verse Forms, Shaping Forms, Emily Dickinson: A Case Study in Form, Open Verse, Walt Whitman: A Case Study of Open Verse, Narrative Poems: An Anthology.

The thirds section, chapter 16~Growing Your Interest: Starting a Poetry Group, Writer’s Journal, Favorite Poem Notebook, Poetry Recitation, Hosting a Reading, Finding Dead and Live Mentors.

As you can see there is a lot of information in this course. The Art of Poetry Student Book includes discussion questions, vocabulary words, historical backArt of Poetry Teacher Editionground of the poems and located in the back of the book you will find for each poet a short biography. At the end of each chapter there are activities to choose from.

The Art of Poetry Teacher’s Edition includes the entire student text, all the poems, a very thorough answer key to the questions, and an introduction to the teacher. I couldn’t have taught this course without the teacher's guide. I would have been lost.

The Art of Poetry Dvd 1The DVD has 15 plus hours of the author teaching her 8th grade students. 

 Annette and I followed the recommended one year suggested schedule.  This is provided on their site. You can download it in pdf format. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the web page.

Before meeting with Annette, I watched the DVD. I would then watch it with Annette later.  I felt that watching the DVD lesson first helped me prepare to teach and discuss the lesson with Annette.  It gave me the know-how to help draw out our discussions.

I would read a poem first, then she would read it aloud. We then would discuss the poem via the discussion questions provided in the Teacher Edition.

I found that Annette can read and comprehend poetry quite well despite no previous poetry study.  Her mama not so much. What I found that helped me tremendously was to go out of order. I decided to study chapters 9-15~ The Formal History of Poetry on my own and go in order with Annette. I only have the Dvds for the first two chapters so I’m only reading the chapters from The Formal History of Poetry.

My final thoughts on this: Once again Classical Academic Press has provided homeschoolers a product that normally would seem hard and overwhelming to teach (at least for this mama) very manageable.  Although (for me) this course was challenging, Classical Academic Press provides the tools via the Teacher Edition and the DVDs so someone like me who has never, ever studies poetry can successfully teach it.

Annette and I found that we dig deeper now when reading a poem. Whether from the Art of Poetry or one that we come across in our reading.




Quote from 13yr. old Annette, “The Poetry program was nice, I enjoyed reading about the authors of the poem. It helped me to understand poetry better too.”

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