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Teacher Sick Day and Rambling

I’m sick in bed today.  I have been feeling like a sore throat was coming on since Monday. I have been trying to get lots of rest but it has overtaken me ;). The four older children are doing most of their school work on their own. Ethan can do math on his own and both boys will get a phonics/reading lesson in.

I was sitting here going through my emails when Joshua entered my room and said I look so cute. He asked if he could take a picture. So he retrieved the camera and said, “I just want to say, that’s my mom!” Here is the picture he took.
Homeschooling6 Mom
What will I do today. Listen to the audio book or read a little bit from Raising Real Men. Maybe get another blog post going. I have had writers block this past month. I don’t know if you all have noticed that I have not been posting daily. Read my Bible. I love my new large font Bible.

Yesterday Josh and I went to the orthodontist and had our teeth adjusted. You know, they pulled, pushed, and tightened things up. Ouch, is all I can say about that. Throughout the day my teeth became more and more tender. It usually takes abut three days for the soreness to go away. Guess I’ll be eating lots of eggs to get my protein in and lots of spinach to get my 12-15 foundation vegetable carbs in.

I haven’t blogged much about some changes I’ve made to my Atkins low carb way of eating yet but one of them was upping my carbs to 30. I don’t know if I can meet that today.

What else is gong on around Homeschooling6 . . . my Annette’s new interest is baking. She has made brownies, and has been experimenting with making Peppermint Patties. Today she is trying to make graham crackers. She has even started making her own recipe binder.

Josh is working on summarizing the entire Bible. He has written about the book of Genesis and is now working on Deuteronomy.

Caleb is our techy guy. He has been working on an old laptop that Auntie R, gave to Josh and Josh sold it to Caleb. Caleb wants to add more memory and get it hooked up to the internet. Lupe said that laptop is a pain, ha, but he wants to help Caleb.  We both think it’s great that he found something other than Star Wars to be interested in.

Brent he continues to make the most amazing lego Star Wars space ships.  He loves creating with legos. 

Ethan loves to hang out with his Grandpa Joe. They take walks together and collect cans.
Lance is just my little monkey. He loves to not do school. He enjoys playing outside.
And all my boys love digging holes in the backyard, so if you come for a visit, please watch your step!

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