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Trim Healthy Mama

So I've been reading Trim Healthy Mama and it has been a great motivator on my quest to feed my family better. It’s a whopping 618 pages. I read most of it when I was sick last week and the children spoiled me by having me stay in bed.

I’m an Atkins mama, and the authors don’t recommend it but that’s okay. There is so much I can glean fTrim Healthy Mamarom the book that I’m willing to over look the anti Atkins part, hee, hee.
Trim Healthy Mama is written by two sisters Serene and Pearl. They are very comical and reading the book is like sitting and chatting with the sisters.

Some of what I read was covered in the Atkins book but I love to reread things. Keeps me motivated. Serene and Pearl talk about why we need fat and how carbs affect our body.

But what I really liked about the book was they go into detail about the foundation food for the program. Some of these foods I can’t eat right now but I’m thinking of my hubby and children. Some of the foods that are on my list is Quinoa, Chana Dahl, Glucomannan, and Konjac Noodles. Those are foods I’ve never heard of. All are low glycemic foods.

Some I’ve heard of and am now more encouraged to try are Chia, Whey Protein, Hemp, and Kefir. Oh, and Stevia and/or Truvia. I love my Splenda and might use it for a while longer but I’m game to give Stevia a try again (I’ve tried it in the past but didn’t like it).

The book also talks about vitamins and again I’m inspired to try some. One in particular is concentrated chlorophyll drops for my hubby to help with his cholesterol.

And there are suggestions for low glycemic foods one being Dreamfields pasta. I have been looking for one, not for me but for the family, especially my Sweets.

As you can see I really enjoyed this book. There are pictures of the sisters through the book battling it out with one another in a loving sisterly way. Serene is a purist and Pearl will nook things every once in a while.
Trim Healthy Mama
As for the diet, it’s a bit confusing but the more I read the more I’m understanding. There are E meals, S meals, Fuel Pull, Helpers, and crossover are terms that you need to understand. E meals center around protein with a bit more carbs and less fat. S meals center around protein but are always low-carb but liberal with fats.

If you have an S meal then you need to wait at least 2.5 hours but preferably 3 hours to eat a E meal.
I plan to reread the book and use some of the recipes for my family. I am not sure if I’ll ever use Trim Healthy Mama as it was meant to be used but I certainly am benefiting from the book.

There is so much more I can write abut this book but I’m hungry and need to eat something before quiet time is over. I was gone so long today that I haven’t had any lunch. These kind of days throws me off with trying to get my carbs in. Speaking of keeping track of my carbs (which I enjoy, it’s not a chore to me), this is one thing that Trim Healthy Mama doesn’t want you all to do, so there is no counting calories or carbs, just enjoy your meals. Okay, I really need to go now. Maybe I’ll write more another day.

Edited to add that I’m reading chapter 27~Earth Milk, so now I’m adding Oooling or green tea to my health ‘wish list’ and I just may make Kefir in the near future (chapter 26).

I’d also like to add that my hubby is not on Atkins, so I have been on the hunt to feed him some low glycemic meals. Trim Healthy Mama is a blessing in this area for me. I also have been wanting to get rid of white sugar and again, Trim Healthy Mama has motivated me to do this sooner than later. So yeah, it’s a keeper.


  1. I've seen this book, but haven't picked it up. Maybe I will now that I have read your review. I agree that reading books on health keeps you encouraged just like reading books on parenting, homemaking, etc.

    I have a quinoa stir fry I plan on trying this week or next. I have only used quinoa for breakfast. I am hoping to use it to replace rice, for me anyway.

    It is fun learning and trying new things huh?

    You should try Fructvia although it does have a few carbs per serving. I use it in everything. I haven't tried making brown sugar out of it with molasses yet, but I plan to. :) It doesn't have an aftertaste either. I even made Don hot cocoa with it and he didn't notice. You know how Don notices everything. ;)

  2. Thanks Cynce. I had a wonderful response shortly after you posted but my computer messed up. Aaack!


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