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Today (Thursday) Annette and I enjoyed some time together watching Murder She Wrote. This one was really good because there was no love scenes. Just a nice murder mystery.
Annette is maturing with her studies. She is taking more and more ownership of her school work. In fact earlier today she was telling me how she needs to start rewriting her science narrations.

She doesn’t want to but knows what she is turning in is not her best. So today she rewrote her narration and made it better. I know she didn’t want to do it but she did it despite how she felt.

She is also maturing in other areas as well. Like not getting upset with the little things. I know this is hard for her but she has improved. When one of her younger brothers annoys her she is handling it much better. We talk things over and I give her suggestions on how to handle things.

She is like a little mother to Lance and Ethan. Sometimes they start acting up but she will love them extra, even when she doesn’t feel like it.

The last couple of days she has been making them a Muffin in a Mug. I know she is like her mama, always in a hurry, but yet she will stop what she is doing to make a muffin for Lance (hopefully she got that from her mama too Winking smile).

This year instead of reading over 100 books she decided that she will read the Bible all the way through. She realized that she is 13 and hasn’t read it completely yet.

Annette is not too much for being out doors these days (unless it’s with her dad) but she’s all for a good air soft war once in a while.
April 028
And she loves a good game of Backgammon with her dad or brother Ethan. She has learned to have no mercy because her father doesn’t. She is getting pretty good at the game too.

Annette, also has stinky allergies. My poor girl has the whole runny nose, watery eyes, and sniffles.

Right now she is trying to stay away from wheat to see if that will help. This week was her first week. She goofed twice. When we went out for coffee she ate the oreo cookie that came with her drink. Wednesday she had a slice of pizza. It was just so natural for her to grab a piece that she forgot. She didn’t realize it until she came home.

Every Friday Annette attends a sewing class at the church. She has made a few skirts, pillow cases, blankets, aprons, bean bags, and is working on a dress.

Annette has a sweet heart. She is lovely inside and out. Thank you Jesus for my Annette.

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  1. Your relationship with your daughter is beautiful! I hope and pray that I can enjoy one like that with my girls some day. Blessings.


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