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Atkins Day 105/Whole30 Day 3

Can you believe I’ve been on Atkins for 105 days!!! I’m amazed with what I haven’t been eating. I’m still going strong. As you all know I’m a very slow loser. Lost 14lbs. Many people have lost twice that by this time.
I did read that those who have more to lose, lose more quicker. Ha, a little play on words. When I started I had 38lbs to lose (now 24) so technically I don’t really have that much to lose.

I really thought by now I’d have lost over 15lbs though. Seriously discouraging at times but then I remember how healthy my body is becoming. There is no going back to my old ways. Nope, I’m not going to back to junky high carb foods.

I am on Day 3 of my Whole30. I haven’t had any dairy or sweeteners. This may be a little too soon but on day 2 the spider-webby, mucus, feel I had at the back of my nasal passage is gone (sorry it sounded so gross).

I don’t have constant allergies but before my Whole30 I had that back-of-the nasal passage thing going on.

On day three (today) I haven’t had any hungry feelings. Before Atkins I could eat a good size meal and be hungry a half hour later. When I started Atkins the same thing. I would eat a nice healthy meal and at times feel hungry later. I thought it was strange since most Atkinners don’t feel hungry.

Today I noticed that I didn’t feel hungry as much. For lunch I had a cucumber and tuna salad. I wasn’t hungry for hours.

I’m wondering if the eliminating dairy has something to do with my improved nasal passages and the sweetener with why I have less hunger pangs. This is all so interesting and like a big science project.

Here is my picture of my coffee today. I added ghee, coconut oil, and put it in the blender.
Bullet Proof Coffee
I know it sounds weird but it really was quite tasty. The only problem was my coffee was lukewarm after blending. Not sure what happened. Now I know not to wait for it to cool because it comes out of the blender cool.

Here is what I had for lunch. The tuna salad was made with my homemade mayo. It was yummy.
Tuna Salad
My camera does not take the greatest picture. The tuna salad looked so much better in real life =)

I’m taking the 30 Day Squat Challenge. I did 60 squats today.

Well that’s another day of healthy eating and living.

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