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Atkins Day 111/Whole30 Day 9

Yesterday was very hard for me with the Whole30. I wanted my Truvia/NuNaturals. I wanted to just shake a little NuNaturals in my coffee. Just a little. I felt like I had a little devil on one shoulder saying, “Just do it, come on, it’s just a little bit”, then on the other shoulder I had a little angel saying, “No, don’t, you will be sorry, resist!”
I didn’t do it. I know I can do this Whole30 and I will not give into my flesh. I need to do this. I need the discipline. Hopefully I can encourage others who are taking the same path of trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

If someone like me can cut out all processed food and then take it a step further with ditching dairy and any kind of sweetener or sugar you can too!

I am a former Oreo and Almond Joy lover. I loved my carbs too but decided to change the way I eat. With God’s help, the support of my family, friends, and online Atkins froum I’ve been able to continue living a low carb life. Eating good carbs mostly from veggies.
As I mentioned, yesterday was a hard Whole30 day. I just wanted a good cup of java. I have added coconut milk and although it taste good it’s not the same. Here is a picture of me pretending I’m sipping my favorite coffee in Italy.
Coffee in Italy, ha
I think part of the reason why it was a very hard day was I didn’t have any good food. I ran out of the good stuff and only have the basics right now. By basics I mean: eggs, hamburger meat, avocados and such. I wanted something tasty like my Atkins’ friends were eating. My do they know how to cook. They are having stir-fry, lamb, stuffed this or that. Oh it all sounds so good. I would really love to stay at their house for the remainder of my 30 days, hehe.

Today is much better. I still don’t have all those magnificent foods but I am having a good cup of coffee. Not hot but blended.

My dad recently bought a Magic Bullet. This little contraption is great. I love it! I borrowed it today to try and see if I could make an ice blended that tasted better and didn’t have coconut floating around.

I put some ice, cold coffee, cinnamon, MCT Oil, and canned full fat coconut milk, blended it and had a frap type coffee. It still doesn’t taste like my old iced coffee (but I’m starting to forget what it tasted like anyway) but it was good. I enjoyed it. Thank you Jesus and dad!

I would love to buy one a Magic Bulle but it’s a bit pricey. Hopefully my dad doesn’t mind me borrowing it for the next 20+ days. Hee, hee. 

Another Whole30 day down, well almost down. Still have a some hours to go. Tomorrow will be day 10! Wahoo!


  1. Good for you for sticking with it! I like reading about your journey. It's an encouragement to me. =0)

  2. Hi, Sara, thanks so much. I pray I can be a "Yes you can!" encourager.
    I use to love my carbs and sweets (oreos and Almond Joys)but not wanting to be on meds to control my cholesterol really what gave me that push.


  3. Yay!!!

    I have really been blessed by your journey.

  4. c1ed8.... thanks. I am truly loving my Atkins journey.


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