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Atkins on the Weekends

Yikes, I didn’t do to well over the weekend. It’s not that I ate things that I wasn’t suppose to because I did stay within the foods I’m allowed to eat. But I did go over my sweetener and heavy cream count.

Saturday I was doing so well. Then I went on a wonderful date with my hubby and toward the end of the date he surprised me with a Starbucks coffee. I ordered a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, no sugar, no milk, but added heavy cream. I had already had my 3TBL of cream for the day and sweetener, so yeah, I went over.
Then Sunday Annette and I went for our mother/daughter time. We always end up at our favorite coffee shop. I should have just purchased a water-bottle but didn’t even think of it.

For some reason because I was in a coffee shop I was thinking I had to have a coffee. I ordered a sugar free chocolate/raspberry coffee with no milk but heavy cream. I had already had 2 sweeteners and 2TBL of cream. I went over again. I know that coffee was made of a lot more than 1 pump from the sugar free syrup and more than 2tbl cream.
It was delish and I had a wonderful time with Annette. We chatted about so many things. Future hubby, history, friends, church and so much more. We had a blast. I love being with my daughter. I’m so disappointed with myself for not taking the camera!!!! Our coffee looked so good and Annette was so pretty. She wore a cute pink shirt and pair of jeans that fit her not so tight. Both pieces of clothing her Auntie R bought for her.

My daughter is still wearing her size 8 clothes (she’s 13yrs. old) and they are getting a bit too tight and high-waterish. Next payday we will buy her some pants.
Also during the weekend I wake up later than usual and it throws me off with counting carbs. Usually I am way under. And when on my date with hubby, I estimate. I don’t want to take my food scale everywhere I go.
And not too long ago (about an hour before this post) I just wanted a nice warm coffee. I made me a cup and added 1TBL cream and a sprinkle of Truvia.

Here is what I ate today:
*piece of chicken for lunch at a restaurant.
*1 cup Kefir with 1/4 cup blueberries for breakfast
*2 cups cucumber with 1TBL Marie Calendar’s Caesar Dressings
*1 avocado
*Tostada with cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and guacamole for dinner @ restaurant. I didn’t eat the shell. (we ate out again because we were hungry after listing to a homeschooling choir at church)
*Fancy coffee at Shoemaker and Hardt
*Iced coffee that I drank during Sunday School
*Hot coffee as an after dinner snack 
*Over 80oz of water
*Small, cold, piece of cauliflower pizza.

As you can see, I didn’t eat junky food but I didn’t do very well either. At least I got my 12 net veggie carbs.

So basically I usually end up going over with my sweetener/cream and am not counting carbs to the exact.

Here is my low carb pizza, I’ll share the recipe later.
Cauliflower Pizza
This pizza was so delish. I could eat it all day. Hubby and the kids liked it too.
Date Night
I shared this dinner with my Sweets on our date night. I didn’t eat the beans, rice, or shells. Just the veggies, meat, cheese, and sour cream. I estimated the carbs.

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  1. Please do share this pizza recipe!


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