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Date Night

After a hard says work my Sweets really enjoys having a quiet meal with just the two of us. Tonight the choice of where to eat was all his.

He chose On the Border.
Date Night
We decided to share a meal.
Sizzling Fajitas
I didn’t have any chips, tortillas, beans or rice. Just meat and veggies.
It was really good and the meat was tender enough for me to chew. I didn’t even bite my lip. I felt almost normal. If it wasn’t for the swollen feeling that I get sometimes after eating. Can’t wait for that to go away.

2nd stop was Office Depot. Two of the four toners are out and it’s hard to live with out being able to print!!! Those things are expensive. We paid $120.00 for each one.
3rd stop was my favorite place. No not Fedex Office. I didn’t have any binding to do. It was Target. I didn’t need much this time around because my dad had taken me to Walmart on Friday.

I needed some frozen berries, carrots, tomato sauce, but the big reason for stopping at Target was to get a coffee maker!!!!
Mr. Coffee
I saw this last week at Target but had to wait until this week to purchase it. I had briefly mentioned it to my SIL. Later during the week my SIL sent me a thank you card (I take care of her kiddos when she goes to work). She also had put $20.00 in the card to put toward my coffee maker. I was really excited and thankful. How sweet of her to think of me.

So after we paid for it I looked at the receipt and it was on sale for $19.99!!! Thank you Jesus. Having patience literally paid off. Wow!
Look what else I found.
Praise the Lord
A mini cheese grater. I think of it as a gift from God. I grate a lot of cheese. Especially when making my omelets or patties. Every time I have to pull out the big cheese grater. For the past month I have been wanting a smaller one but didn’t want to pay the price for one.
I decided to pray and ask God for a cheese grater. Guess what? I had already put my coffee maker in the cart and was looking at some mason jars. Right there just happened to be this mini cheese grater. I thought how cute but had no intention of buying it. I wanted a mason jar.

Then I saw that it was a clearance item (and I was not in the clearance section) for $4.48. That was $10.00 off!!! I put it in my cart and thought how my God cares so much for me that he put a cheese grater in my path. I was no where near the clearance section and this was sitting among the mason jars.

4th stop was the grocery store. I needed some hamburger meat and decided to pick up some Chia Seeds as well. Not sure exactly what to do with them but I’ve read how good they are for you and recently I read about them again in Trim Healthy Mama.
5th stop, a little coffee shop. I went over my sweetener and cream count BUT at least I didn’t go off the plan. I enjoyed a sugar free Snickers coffee. Yum. Hubby had a blended coffee.
And that was another wonderful, wonderful, date with my wonderful, wonderful hubby.

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