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Joshua, His Space

My eldest son Joshua loves to keep his space tidy and organized. It’s not always easy when he shares a room with to very untidy and unorganized brothers.
Joshua has finally accepted that as long as he shares a room with Brent and Lance his room will not be as clean as he would like it to be.
I think that is a huge step for him to come to that realization. He can control the space that is his. Way to go Josh!!!
April 041
Here is Josh sampling one of my nutritious brownies. My kids are great that way. They must get it from their father. How many men do you know who will drink a green smoothie or one with Kefire, ha, love my men.

Okay, back to Josh. Right now he is studying the book of Proverbs. He reads, writes, then types it up. He loves learning about his Lord. It’s a really neat feeling to have your child come and read scripture to you and discuss it. Not because he has to but because he’s fascinated with God’s Word.

Thank you Jesus. I pray that Josh will continue to seek your Word Lord. May he shine for you!

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  1. Do you guys have a school schedule you go by? That is so awesome that your son has such a love for the Lord. You are doing a great job with your children. God Bless.


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