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Experimenting With Low~Carb Breads

Today was the day that I decided to try some breads. I haven’t had a sandwich in over 80 days. I’m not craving bread. I don’t think about it day and night but I thought it would be nice to have a fresh, out-of-the oven bread with lots of butter.

I found a recipe using the Atkins All Purpose Bake Mix. It contains soy flour so I’m not sure if this is the healthiest way to go but for now this is what I’m using. I’ll venture out eventually.

It was fairly easy to make (which I liked). And I really enjoyed it. The children liked it too, even my picky eater Ethan. Speaking of Ethan, he will drink a Kefir smoothie, eat a black bean brownie, and now my Atkins bread, but doesn’t like things I make for supper. It’s the weirdest thing. Oh well, as long as he tries them and I’m okay with him living off of Jicama’s and black bean brownies.
Here is what my delicious bread looked like.
Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix
I didn’t make a sandwich because I wanted butter on it. It was so scrumptious!
I also tried Improved Revolution Rolls. The main ingredient is eggs, so I was wondering how in the world do they pass as bread. Very interesting!
I was suppose to put them on a baking sheet and slightly press them down so they will look like a hamburger bun when done. Mine didn’t seem thick enough to do that. Next time I will beat the egg whites more.
April 008
They looked really good when done and were tasty too! I sliced them in half and topped them off with a delicious tuna salad. They weren’t exactly what I expected but I’ll try them again.

I plan to try a few from Trim Healthy Mama and some more from Linda’s Low Carb Recipes.

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