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More on Trim Healthy Mama

I know I’ve written a brief post about Trim Healthy Mama, but now that I have read it a second time I wanted to add more.

First of all I love, love, this book. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m an Atkins mama but the book Trim Healthy Mama has really, really, motivated me.

I have been health conscious for years and have been slowly making changes in  what I feed my family. Atkins gave me the guidance that I needed to really make a change. My family is eating so much better these days. I myself went from eating bagels, sugar, white flour, and other processed foods to (*almost) only eating God food. Food that hasn’t been altered. I haven’t had any hydrogenated oils, dyes, white sugar, flour, etc. since I’ve been on Atkins.

Trim Healthy Mama, gave me that final push I needed to go further. I can now say we are no longer using white sugar. We are still experimenting. Annette made some good muffins using Xyla mixed with Splenda (I know Splenda isn’t good but Xyla and Truvia are expensive and like I said I’m still researching and experimenting).

Trim Healthy Mama
My husband is now walking out the door with a Kefir smoothie most mornings, my children and I are having a delicious good for you muffin in the morning. No more store bought muffins with tons of oils and sugar in them. And how many mamas can say we are having brownies for dinner? Yes, last Wednesday was busy, busy, busy. I made some Secret Agent Brownies from THM (the secret is black beans) and had the children eat that with a cucumber or some other veggie. When we got back from AWANA they had some carrots.

Trim Healthy Mama has encouraged me to add some ‘foundation’ foods in my pantry (some haven’t made it yet but will soon):
  • Truvia~I haven’t switched over completely. I still have Splenda in the house. But I use Truvia in my coffee, muffins in a mug, and most everything. It’s expensive, about $5.98 for a box and/or container. When hubby gets paid I purchase a few containers. (Update: I know make my own Truvia)
  • I haven't tried it yet but have ordered NuStevia Pure White Stevia Powder. This too is expensive but from what I’ve read in THM one uses a lot less.
  • Xylitol~Like with Stevia I’m finally taking the plunge and spending a little more for an alternate sugar for my kids baking needs. Right now, although it’s not ‘planned’ approved I am combining it with Splenda. 
  • Kefir (plain)~ this is now an almost daily new food in our diets (hubby and mine). I make hubby a smoothie that he drinks on the way to work and I just drink a cup. I haven’t played around with it too much yet.
  • Plain yogurt~ THM gave me that final push to stop buying yogurts laden with sugar. I am now purchasing only plain Greek or regular yogurts for my family. In fact last week it was dessert. I sweetened it up with Truvia and berries. Yum!
  • Quinoa~ I haven’t actually made them but I did purchase them. Hopefully this coming week I’ll make some. I hope the family likes it. I would like to serve this instead of rice (I’ll allow rice occasionally).
  • Dreamfields Pasta~ I am no longer purchasing any other pasta right now (unless I make a lasagna, haven’t seen those noodles from DF yet). This is a low glycemic pasta. It’s a bit more expensive but I feel better serving this to my Sweets who has high cholesterol. (Update; I prefer to not eat DF and am staying away from wheat as much as possible)
  • Chana Dahl~ this is another food that we will try in the near future. I’ll write about it when we have tried it. Haven't tried it as of yet
  • Glucomannan~will buy this next month. 
Switching to a more healthy lifestyle takes time here at Homeschooling6. I can’t always afford everything at once. Since I started Atkins in January I have been adding foods as our finances allows. One thing that helps is not buying processed foods. Instead of paying almost $5.00 for a bag of chips I instead purchase $5.00 worth of cucumbers or a bag of Xla (sweetener).
Muffin in a Mug
Trim Healthy Mama is much more than a diet plan book. There are chapters on mamas health as well. Things a women goes through. You know, so many hormone changes our bodies must endure. There is a chapter just for mom as well. I have young readers so I won’t go into detail but just thought I’d mention it so you can decide if you want your teenager reading that chapter called ‘Foxy’ Mama Winking smile.

I don’t agree with everything written in Trim Healthy Mama but that’s okay. I still eat pork, I’m still on Atkins, and so far I haven’t bothered with buying low fat cottage cheese or skim this-or-that.

There is so much to glean from the book. How could you not, it’s over 600 pages and I can tell that the sisters have a heart to help others eat good and healthy.

I am thankful that the book nudged me further in the right direction of healthy eating. I’m that much closer to my goal of feeding my family well. The children and hubby are so open with me trying new recipes. In fact my oldest son Joshua gave me a hug the other day and said, “Thanks mom for feeding us healthy.”

Homeschooling6 mamaHopefully you all aren't tired of my ‘health’ post. I pray that you are encouraged to continue your journey to better health. Just like I pray that I can encourage mamas with their homeschool journey and being healthy is one of them. We need to stay healthy for our children. We need to educate our children about food too.

Since Atkins has really helped me to make a life changing start to better health, it’s a part of me and my blogging. 

My next two books I plan to read are Wheat Belly and Atkins for Life. What books on health are you currently reading? (Update: I have since read Wheat Belly and Atkins for Life, in fact Atkins came out with a new book, Atkins Made Easy and I'll be reading that one too)
Just to warn you, wahahaha . . . a future post I’d like to write is the misunderstandings of living a low-carb lifestyle, particularly, Atkins. Until next time, eat good! Reach for a veggie!

Update: I think THM is great and have implemented the principles with my Atkins way of eating for a while. It helped me get the last 15lbs off, yay! But I have since gone back to Atkins and am on phase 4 which is Life Time Maintenance, double yay! I still do the THM Fuel Cycle now and then too but the whole food combing I don't do on a regular basis anymore. I eat about 70+ carbs a day, all good ones (keeping away from most grains and legumes for the most part). I still reach for my THM book because I love the recipes.

Now that I'm on phase 4 of Atkins I can eat grains and legumes but I choose not to (most of the time). I do splurge (usually once a week and only 1 meal) but have not gone back to the way I was eating before. 

(*there are some processed food that I eat like an occasional Atkins bar. So I can’t say I never have man-made food.)
P.S. I would love if the next THM book would include calorie and carb info on their recipes but they said, “No”. It would be really helpful but one can’t have everything, sigh.
*updates 1/3/13


  1. Thank you so much for posting about this book, I had never heard of it until now. It sounds a lot like the way I've been eating following another plan from a doctor in Canada. I've lost 9 pounds on this plan the past 3 weeks, it evens out my hormonal issues, keeps my blood sugar level and got rid of my fatigue. I drink green tea daily too and no coffee. Only 1 grain a day but I do have carbs in the form of nuts/vegetables/fruit and health fats (avocado, olive oil, etc.) and of course protein (mostly chicken, turkey, tuna and tofu). I may buy this book sounds interesting!

  2. We're trying to eat more fruits and veggies. I'm slowly making changes, and hope to help my husband get on board, too.

  3. Still working my way through this book slowly, but really like it as well! Thanks for the push to get it back out and finish it! You all are doing great!

  4. Bev, I get most of my carbs from veggies too. A few from other things like cream, cheese, Almond fourand other foods but I am not allowed grains just yet. Thanks for stopping by!

    Audra, one thing that I have done is not buy lots of fruit anymore, wahahaha. I know evil mom. I want my kiddos to eat more veggies right now so the only fruit I am buying are the berries. Eventually I'll buy more fruit again but at the moment I want the kiddos to eat more veggies. Also as for hubby, read little snippets here and there of what you find out. This is what I do.

    Michele, it is a long book. I know with you getting ready to move it's probably hard to find the time. Thankfully the sisters make it an interesting read.


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