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My Baby Girl

Annette hurt both her knees this past weekend, poor thing. Friday she was giving her little cousin a piggy-back ride. She said she over extended herself and lost her balance. Thankfully she arched her back and put her head up so her cousin would stay put and not slide off.

She ended up with a bloody knee.

On Sunday she was playing tag with some church friends. We had a picnic with our church family.

She was trying to get away from her brother Caleb and another friend when she fell. She didn’t realize how bad it was until we got home. My poor baby was a bloody mess, well her knee anyway. It’s still healing. Here is a picture from last night.
I won’t enlarge the picture as it is pretty gross and I think you get the idea. Yesterday I had her sleep on the couch with no Band-Aid or blanket on her legs. This morning it wasn’t so runny.

I also told her she needs to wear shorts or a skirt today. Oh, she looked so cute in a skirt that her cousin MaryEllen gave her a few years back. It’s a jean skirt. I absolutely love it on her.

The only reason she wore it was because she wanted to go for a walk with Grandpa. She will not leave the house in shorts. So the pretty skirt it was. It’s actually an every day kind of skirt. I do need to get a picture of her in it. So precious.


  1. Oh my! That looks painful! Poor Annette. :^(

    Tell her I'm praying she has a speedy recovery without any scars. And give her hugs for me! <3

  2. I will. She is doing better today. It's still seeping liquids but not as much. I had her wear shorts today.

  3. I couldn't look, I had to scroll past. I hope she is doing better. Reminded me of your arm many moons ago. :)

  4. I know, it looks really bad. She's been doing well. She still goes on her walks with grandpa. Today I started putting olive oil on it. I figure that'e what they did back in the Bible days.

    Yes I remember my arm.I still tell the kids about it ;)


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