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My MIM Gang

Here is my little gang of MIM.
I thought I took more pictures but I guess I didn’t. I need one of Annette and Brent. They are part of the MIM gang.
April 005
The kids like to add berries and chocolate chips.

This is my special ‘tea’ I have in the morning.
Green Tea
Just kidding it’s my daily chlorophyll that I take, ha, sorry, I couldn’t resist. I pretend it’s my morning mint tea though. Helps the medicine (vitamins) go down.

Here is a yummy chicken sandwich that I had yesterday. The bread is made out of flax. No flour.
Flour free bread


  1. Hi My Sweet Linda!!!

    That flax bread looks yummy! Did I miss the recipe for this? I would love this recipe...

    Much Love in Christ,

    Dee :)

  2. Do you care to share your recipe for flax flour bread?? I would love to try this.


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