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Random Pictures

I’m getting behind with my pictures. In fact I noticed I haven’t posted our Easter pics and even worse. I never posted Brent’s birthday pictures. I totally forgot with my oral surgery and all. Bad mama! So this week (that’s almost over) I’m going to post pics from weeks or even months behind.

Today’s pictures are of Annette working outside with her dad getting the soil ready for our garden.
Spring Time
These photos were taken this week. Annette and her father fixed that rototiller together. It was given to us. All it needed was a little love (cleaning and replacement parts).
My Girl
The children are so blessed to have a farther who spends time to teach them. This was Annette’s and her father’s little project together.
Here are some pictures of Brent with his first coconut purchase. Actually Brent, Ethan, and Lance all pitched in to buy two coconuts for $3.00.
First Coconut
It's all about family
The whole family was involved with the coconut cutting. Ha, too funny. Lupe and I thought we’d let the children figure out how to open a coconut.
As you probably guessed the children were not able to cut it open. We don’t have sharp knives to begin with plus that’s a bread knife they were using. The kids ended up dropping it until it cracked.
It opened
We did take out the juice first. I googled it and found a YouTube video. The trick is to find the soft spot. There are three indentions and one is softer than the others.

Here is a picture of Brent’s AWANA book. He is almost finished with it.
Brent and I played the bunny game. A cheap supermarket game that I bought for $3.00 on Easter day.
April 002
Joshua working on one of his airsoft guns.
Lance made a happy face. My children eat weird stuff Winking smile. Tortilla, cheerios, and marshmallows.
As you can see we haven’t taken out all the boxed foods. We’ll get there. I want to make my own tortillas but am still searching for a flour.  We’ll probably always have marshmallows in the house. My kiddos love them. Maybe one day we’ll start making them. I wonder if using Truvia will work. Now that’s an idea . . .

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