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What a lovely Saturday it was. Lupe, took the five older kiddos with him to a swap-meet. There they sold an array of stuff. Joshua and Caleb sold guns, Lupe, Annette, and Brent sold ‘wire’ art that we purchased. There were many things that we found at garage sales that they sold as well. They sold about $500.00 worth of stuff.

Lance and I stayed home. I was up late cleaning the kitchen. I had helped price some of the items too. Both Annette and Caleb went to bed wheezing so I stayed up listening to them. Caleb got up a few times. I put the vapor thing on and gave him some medicine.
About almost 3:00 a.m. I went to bed. About 3:30 Annette woke me up. She couldn’t breath. I had her take a warm shower and gave her some medicine. That seemed to help. I also told her to sleep elevated. I asked if she needed her inhaler but she said she felt better. I told her to make sure she and Caleb take it with them tomorrow.

I ended up sleeping in. Didn’t get up till almost 10:00 a.m. Lance came into my room twice trying to get me up. Poor kid was bored. All his sibling were gone. The second time he came in he asked, “Mom, are we going to make our muffins?”, awwe, my little guy wanted to make a muffin in a minute.

I couldn’t stay in bed after that. He looked so cute. I got up and together we gathered the ingredients and made our muffin. Guess what!?!?! We have our own microwave now!!!
Our Microwave
(Annette putting in a muffin in a minute)
My dad bought this for me. He probably got tired of us, hee, hee. He came into some extra money and thought of me. How sweet my dad is! He said it’s “The Teacher of the Year” award.

So after we made our muffins and I had my coffee, I jumped in the shower and got ready to take Lance out for a walk.

We went to our favorite coffee/antique shop. I was very good and only drank a water. I really wanted a fancy, sugar-free, full cream coffee but decided against it. Lance had the Strawberry Cream drink. I forgot my camera. Lance said we could go home and take a picture of his drink. I thought no, let us enjoy our time together. Lance really just wanted to go home. He’s my homebody.

I bought him a little sock monkey. Boy did he have fun with that. Kept him busy playing for an hour when we got home. I bought me my very first ‘Red Nek’ item, a mason jar cup.
Red nek cup
Drinking the last of my ZipFizz before my Whole30 (will explain later).
Very refreshing!
Our drinks.
Coffee Drinks
It was a quiet day. Lance and I had a wonderful time together. Yes we did Lance and I.
Later the rest of the gang came home. Red as a red nek, ha, my poor family. It was so nice out we didn’t think about sunscreen.

As tired as my man was, he took me out to dinner. I know he wanted a steak but he was so kind to eat a burger at In-N-Out. My last one for a while. I am not allowed to eat cheese while doing Whole30. I have been wanting to have an In-N-Out burger for weeks and this was my last chance. What a great guy I have.

We didn’t do much else because my Sweets was so tired after being out in the sun selling stuff all day.

On the way home we went through the McDonald’s Drive Thru. He got a well deserved frap and I got a black coffee. I suggested we go home and veg in front of the t.v. Bad I know but my Sweets looked beat.

When we got home the kids were in bed. Grandpa sleeping too! I made a muffin in a minute and doctored up my coffee with a TBL of cream and two Truvias. I saved those Truvia packets for tonight. You know, I’m only allowed 3 packets a day.

My hubby and I watched Netflix. I don’t remember the name but it was about coporate bosses taking on the job of a regular employee. The first one was about FedEx. The second one 1-800-Trash-Pickup or something like that.

Now hubby is in bed and I’m blogging. You want to have a good laugh? I would love to play the piano but as an adult I don’t have the patience to learn, so I’m listening to “Go Light Your Candle” and guess what? It’s the perfect song to compose a post. I’m moving like a piano player. I feel so professional as I hit the keys in piano fashion. I’m sure I look so funny as I make my body move like a piano player. Hee, hee. I’m hitting the keys just perfect. Yes I’m being silly but having so much fun writing this post. I just keep hitting ‘play’ on YouTube. Wrote this whole post playing the ‘piano’ and listening to my favorite song.

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