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Schoolhouse Review: ABeCeDarian Reading Program

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Company: ABeCeDarian Company

Website: http://www.abcdrp.com/

What I Received: Teacher Manual A-1, Student Workbook A-1, Teacher Manual A-2, Student Workbook A-2, Teacher Manual B-1, Student Workbook B-1, Set of 10 Storybooks, and ABeCeDarian Aesop

Price: Teacher Manuals A-1 and A-B are priced at $28.50 each. Teacher Manual B-1 is priced at $25.50. Level A-1 and A-2  Student Workbooks $12.25 each. The 10 Storybook set $ 21.50 and the ABeCeDarian Aesop at $2.50. Leve B-1 Student Workbook $10.25.

Recommended Age: Level A~for students reading at kindergarten through mid-1st grade level. Level B~for students reading at mid-1st grade through 2nd grade level.
ABeCeDarian A-2
ABeCeDarian B-1
I will warn you that I absolutely love this program and really enjoy using it with both Ethan and Lance. They are a bit on the older side but struggle with reading.

One subject I haven’t liked to teach much is and continues to be phonics/reading. I get so tired of all the flashcards, so many sounds to learn and lots of rules. My boys just seem to get lost in it all. With ABeCeDarian Reading Program the children become familiar with the rules by naturally making connections. This is the beauty of ABeCeDarian.

When a new sound for instance ‘ch’ as in chair is introduced you don’t go into explaining that the letter ‘c’ and ‘h’ together make one sound /ch/. Let me go back a little and explain how the /ch/ sound will be introduced.

From workbook A-2 there is an activity called Word Puzzle. It’s the first activity the child does when a new sound is introduced. You have the letter tiles available of the previous sounds that have been taught, so the ‘ch’ tile should be the only new sound. You say the word ‘zip’ and the child says the word as well and using the tiles spells the word. You continue with the list of words and when you come to the word ‘chum’ say it slow or in what ABeCeDarian calls ‘turtle talk’ and the child will connect the new sound to the letters ‘ch’ and if they don’t you simply tell him/her.
In book B-1 the children are discovering the graphemes by sorting. Each lesson introduced the new sounds and has the child sort them. For instance in Unit 4~Lesson 7 the sounds ‘ai, a-e, a, ay, ey, ea’ are introduced. You let your child know that there are 7 different ways to spell the /ay/ sound BUT you don’t go into detail of explaining the silent ‘e’ or ‘ay’ says /ay/ at the end of a word.

Instead the child is sorting and making a connection with the different /ay/ sounds. It’s extremely important that the child not only reads the word but when writing the word in the correct column she should say each sound as well.

Throughout the lesson the child is saying, seeing, sounding, and writing, the new sounds and words.

I am using book B-1 with Ethan. Here are a few highlights from B-1:
  • Twelve Units
  • 24 Lessons
  • Engaging activities using letter tiles, sorting, flexing, writing, underlining sounds, etc.
  • Not overwhelming. Your child is not memorizing a bunch of sounds but making connections.
  • Go as fast or slow as needed for the child. Do one page a day or a whole lesson.
  • By the end of B-1 your child should be able to read: Frog & Toad, Mouse Tales series, Hungry, Hungry Sharks, The Bravest Dog Ever: The Story of Balto.
  • Workbook pages are clean. There are no cute little bears or bunnies on the pages to distract Ethan.
  • Teacher manual is scripted and explains in detail each lesson and how to present it. It has reduced size student pages as well.
With Ethan I used ABeCeDarian Reading Program four times a week. For the most part he was able to complete a lesson a day. I would also use the Free Supplemental Material for extra practice.
Ethan wasn’t jumping up for joy when completing his lessons but I could tell that he liked the program. He didn’t complain and because ABeCeDarian is consistent with how each Unit is presented he knew what to expect and do. For instance one of the activates is Breaking the Words Apart, he knows that after he reads the word and copies it in his workbook he is suppose to say each sound and underlines them as well.

Lance is using A-2. His favorite part of the program is the readers. He absolutely loves them. He likes looking at the pictures and talking about what is going on in the story. He laughs at what the characters in the books are doing.
ABeCeDarian Readers
Here is my little guy reading one of the readers. He really did love them.

Lance from homeschooling6mom on GodTube.
Some highlights from A-2:
  • Good space for beginner writers.
  • Each unit followed the same sequence. Both child and mom know what to expect throughout the program
  • Teacher Manual is very thorough. It’s semi scripted. The bold font is what you say to your child and stands out so you’re not trying to find your place. Regular font is information for the parent/teacher.
  • Both books are spiral bound. I appreciate this because the workbook lies flat for the child and I just absolutely love everything spiral bound.
  • The font in the student workbook is large. Many times fonts are too small.
My final thoughts: if you are looking for a phonics/reading program that is very thorough, won’t break the bank, is straight forward, no bells or whistles, and holds your hand throughout the program, than I’d say give ABeCeDarian a try. I would recommend this program to friends and family.

I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about this program. While using it I have stopped all the other programs with both boys. During the review time both boys are showing signs of fluency with their reading.

Two weeks from today I’ll be ordering the next set of workbooks. This is a very doable program for me. I love it!

You can also find support by subscribing to ABeCeDarian Discussion Group.
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