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Schoolhouse Review: Progeny Press~The Hobbit

When I mentioned to Joshua that I was going to review The Hobbit Study Guide from Progeny Press he was pretty excited. We hadn’t seen the movie yet either which was a plus. It made wanting to read and study the book more suspenseful for him. 
Progeny Press
I reviewed the Instant Download $18.99 but if you prefer you can purchase the study guide in a cd format for $18.99 or printed book for $21.99.
The recommended age for The Hobbit Study Guide is grades 8-12. I used this with my 9th grade son.
Progeny Press Study Guides are intended to guide the student to better understand literature and to show them how to think through the themes. I was really impressed with The Hobbit Study Guide. Progeny Press is not a fill-in-the blank type of study.
One of my favorite features was the study guides not only helped Joshua dig deeper into The Hobbit but the Bible as well. I loved this and so did Joshua. Another great feature is the study guides are interactive. Your student can answer questions by typing their answers and you can either save or print.
The middle and high school study guides take from eight to ten weeks to complete. At the end of most study guides is an ‘overview’ section that can be used as a test. It is noted in the study guide under ‘Note to Instructor’ that most Christian high schools would give 1/4 credit per study guide.
Besides purchasing the Study Guide you will also need a good thesaurus, The Hobbit book, and a Bible. I absolutely love that the Bible is used in this literature program.
Josh and I chose to not use the interactive part of the study guide. Instead I had it printed and bound at our local printing office. Joshua prefers printed books whenever possible over using the computer (he uses the computer a lot for research and all).
The Hobbit
As suggested by Progeny Press, Joshua read the Hobbit the first week while working through the prereading exercises. Each chapter of The Hobbit Study Guide covers 2-3 chapters of the book. Joshua would reread those chapters while working through the study guide chapters. He was happy to do so because he absolutely loved reading The Hobbit.
The Hobbit Study Guide had Joshua working with Vocabulary, Dig Deeper, Proverbs, Parallelism, Thinking About the Story, Irony, thought provoking questions and much more. Joshua thought he was just going to whizz through and answer questions but he found The Hobbit Study Guide to be challenging (which he liked).
The “Overview” section has writing projects for your child. Here are a few examples from the Hobbit Study Guide: “In an essay of approximately five to seven pages, discuss the themes of desire and greed in The Hobbit. Be sure to state a strong thesis, and to support it with specific examples from the text.”
“At the beginning of the novel, the narrator invites readers to decide “whether [Bilbo] gained anything in the end.” Write an essay of several pages responding to the narrator’s invitation. Be sure to state a strong thesis and to support it with specific examples from the text.”
As you can see the writing assignments are thought provoking and challenging. They really get the child thinking about what they read and what the author may be trying to say to the reader.
My final thoughts: Joshua has mentioned more than once that he is enjoying The Hobbit Study Guide. That is huge because I want him to enjoy good literature. I believe it’s so important for children to stretch their minds by reading and studying books like The Hobbit. I appreciate all the work that went into putting a very thorough study guide.
I also liked that the guide had an answer key in the back. This is another huge plus in my book. With 6 children I need an answer key!
 Quote from my 14yr. old son Joshua: “The Hobbit Study guide shed some light on what I was reading by having me go deeper with thinking about what I read. Sometimes I find myself skimming through a book and you can’t do that with a Progeny Press Study Guide. I really liked how I learned about the author and it helped me understand the meaning of the story and characters better.”
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  1. He's going to love the movie!

    My boys loved the movie and the book. Maybe I could convince Josh to do the guide with the book again sometime in highschool. Great review! :)

  2. Thank you Dee. We loved the movie. Annette and Josh had fun comparing the movie to the book.


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